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Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy Cheats

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Full Game Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Mosse Family Business

The Ant Planet

We open on a delivery mission, where Henry and his mother are dropping off cargo to the Antoid queens. When prompted, step forward to meet the queen.

Next, enter your ship on the left, and select the elevator button to go upstairs. Take the GRAVITY BATTERY from the lower-right part of the screen, and the MAGNET from the second-aid kit. Combine these in your inventory, and use the new part to repair the elevator. There is also a NOTE here that you can take.

Stand on the pad and go up, then enter the cabin and use the panel to release the cargo. Return outside to collect your reward. Get FABULOUS QUILT (erm… or old sock, whichever you prefer).

Back inside, grab the FAX and give it to Seren. We go home.



Head left and left again down the hall to Henry’s room. Grab the PERSONALITY CHIP in the nightstand and open the wardrobe to change. A robot falls down; we need to repair it. Insert the chip.

Exit and go downstairs. Take the ROSE.

If you’d like, we can play with the edu-tron machine here. Answering three questions correctly will earn the top of the class achievement.

ASTROCARTOGRAPHY -> Earth is in the Near Star Galaxy

EARTH HISTORY -> He discovered it in 900 After Union

ALIEN FACTS – > They have short life-spans.

Enter the kitchen. Nuke the ROSE in the microwave (trust me).

Left to the foyer, click the robotic spider a few times until it runs off.

Outside, use the vending machine. The vending machine is manic and heartbroken, and will not give you what you need until you can soothe her. There are two ways to solve this puzzle, and each way leads to an achievement.

The first way is by talking to her until you learn she is in love with the microwave. Simply present her the microwaved rose. (Spark-crossed lovers)

The second way is by speaking to her about poetry. Agree to recite her a poem. She will love the following dialogue choices: LO!… WERE IT NOT… SUFFER EVER… YEARN… FOREVER MORE. (It could be verse)

However, you decide to do it, grab the VOX RECORDER, return to your room, and use it on the robot. It will cough up a WATCH – take it, and examine it in your inventory. The needle points to three symbols – an M shape, a pentagon inside of a broken hexagon, and a sort of elongated octagon with two dots inside of it. This is our combination to enter grandpa’s room.

Enter Grandpa’s room. Take the REMOTE and leave the room.


Chapter 2: Into the Unknown

Enter the office. Feel free to look around, and then leave and return to your ship.

We are stopped by a mysterious hologram, who tells us to meet him at the party. Exit left.

Speak to the bouncer. He will not let us in without a ticket and we will have to find one. Exit left again.

Enter the bar and explore for a bit. Note that there is a free ticket promotion, we can earn a ticket by beating the video game, but there is a girl we need to get rid of first. There is a HAMMER in the toolbox on the floor, and you can also order a free GRAVI-TEA from the bartender.

When you are ready, leave and use the HAMMER on the lock to the left to get to the back alley. Go there to encounter a weird squid lady. Open the electrical box and take the SCREWDRIVER, and take PLUSHIE from the ground.

Once again, there are two ways to solve this puzzle. You can give the plushie to the girl to get rid of her (Avid collector) OR you can chuck it at the satellite dish above (Taking control).

Reenter the bar. Take the REMOTE CONTROL from the table and have a go on the game. Guide the skiing man down the slope and click to jump. You can get some pretty decent speed going, but the game is rigged, and you will soon die.

Return to the squid lady and speak to her. Give her the screwdriver and the remote control. Get HACKING DEVICE.

Reenter the bar. The bouncer takes the hacking device. We will need to smuggle it in somehow. If you have been speaking to the bouncers, you may have deduced that they have some kind of weird link. We can abuse this.

Leave the bar and your device is returned. Go back to the alley and take the INK. Take the ink to the bouncer in front of the party, and dump it in the pot he is using to clean his glasses.

Optionally, you can go deliver the GRAVI-TEA to your mother in the office. While in the office, you can use the HACKING DEVICE on the robot here to disable it, and take the coffee. Bringing the coffee to a bouncer will earn you New Melbourne Barista.

Back in the bar, use the hacking device on the game. The hacked game allows you infinite in-air jumps, making it trivial to reach the end. Collect PARTY TICKET.

On your way to the party, you will be stopped by a robot. Agree that you are ready to party several times and collect NOVELTY GLASSES. Try to enter the party, and our ruse from earlier has backfired, the bouncer can’t see the ticket! Giving him the novelty glasses does not work.

Go right, and smash the broken parking meter with the hammer. We get some GLASS and a pocktful of CREDITS. Combine the GLASS with the NOVELTY GLASSES to make them acceptable. Give them to the bouncer and enter the party.

The party is super-linear; simply follow the hologram to a vault area. Grab the CRYSTAL here. Before leaving, make sure to click spider bot #2.

After we leave, we are ejected from the party. Return to the ship. On to chapter 3!


Chapter 3: Disembarking up the Wrong Tree

Take the broken SPEAK EZY from the ground and head right.

Feel free to explore, but we cannot do much in the forest or in the town beyond. Enter the workshop on the right side of town. The woman here will repair your device, allowing you to understand the alien residents of this area.

You are taken back to your ship. Speak to Bruce, and learn that he sold an important ship component. We will need to find it.

Back at the workshop, find Spider #3. There is also a BADGE for you to grab. If you return to Maax, you can ask her about the badge and earn Maax has her reasons.



There are two different ways to progress through this next section of the game. Ultimately, there is a machine in the dock area, and we need to pop the balloons in this machine. We can use either a POINTY KNIFE or a DESERT THORN to accomplish this task.

We have three choices on how to proceed.

1) You can go get the pointy knife and leave the thorn puzzle unsolved. This will earn you Buzz Off now, and later you will get Intergalactic Bargaining.

2) You can get the thorn and leave the knife puzzle unsolved. This will earn you Androcles and the Tortoise now, and later you will get You Catch More Flies With Dung.

3) You can solve both puzzles now, earning both of the Buzz Off and Androcles now, but you will not get either of the other two achievements later.


Chapter 3 Path 1: The Pointy Knife

Back in the town, enter the storefront at the left, and speak to the fly. Try to take his POINTY KNIFE. He won’t let you, but you get a new objective.

Pull the right lever to open the skylight. This unlocks a control panel. Press the left arrow, and the sun will charge the plant food. Slide the shining sun over to the right, waking the flytrap. The fly also changes posture, giving us a new button. Speak to the flytrap, but don’t select the option for skipping the puzzle (unless you want to). Next, slide the conveyor to the left, charging it again. Pull the left lever, and the plant in the middle will activate. This next part needs to be done quickly.

Slide the conveyor to the right. The sun charges the middle plant, and the air starts to blow. QUICKLY slide the conveyor to the left and press the cycle button by the fly, giving us a beehive. Pull the right lever to close the skylight. Click the plant on the far left a number of times, releasing stink. If you do it correctly, the air will blow the stink, activating the bees in the hive. Reopen the skylight and slide the hive to the right.

Repeat this process a second time, and the fly is a goner. Collect PLANT POISON and POINTY KNIFE.
Chapter 3 Path 2: The Desert Thorn
Go to the desert area and speak to the wrangler. His giant tortoise has a thorn.

Slowly approach the tortoise. This is a red-light-green-light style puzzle. You can approach when her eyes are closed, but not while they are open, or she will retreat. Grab the thorn, and it comes out halfway. A sandstorm kicks up, and a large ravine opens.

The sandstorm has knocked loose a FLAG; grab it. Give it to the sneezing wrangler and he will blow it full of alien snot. Dump the alien snot in the nearby VASE to scare the creature out of it. Take the vase.

Fill the vase with water and dump it into the ravine. Get THORN.


Finishing Chapter 3

With either your THORN or your POINTY KNIFE, go to the dock area and pop the balloons. Speak to the fish, and then follow him down the hatch, and we are given a new task.

We can’t do anything here, for now, so return to your ship and speak to Maax; she will grant you the use of Maari the droid.

Down the hatch again, click on Maari for a small minigame. We need to use whistles to command the droid. A long whistle takes you up, short whistle is down, loud is left, and soft is right.

For phase one, go SOFT x3, SHORT x3, and then SOFT again.

Plasma starts crackling, and we need to repeat the puzzle, but it’s a bit more difficult this time.

Go SOFT x3, and then LONG. You need to go over the top of the device, timing it so that you don’t get fried.

When you are ready, go SOFT x2, SHORT x4, and then LOUD.

If you DO get fried, no worries, you can just try again.

When you reach the machine a second time, the chapter ends.


Chapter 4: The Mosse Family Legacy – Part 1

Head right for a cutscene and a touching reunion.

In the next area, there is another SPIDER BOT. If you have found the others, creepy crawlies will unlock. Enter the big door for some more story and exposition. We need to fix a machine with three crystals, and we have access to all of the game’s previous locations to do this. Since we already have the first crystal, pop it into the machine. One down, two to go!

One crystal is in the possession of a large beast, and the second needs to be created in a lab. We can tackle these two crystals in any order, but this guide will focus on the Chrono Crystal first.

Back outside, head southwest to the offering site. At the top of the mountain here, there is some SHEET MUSIC. Take it.

Backtrack and go right to the graveyard. Look at the STRANGE SYMBOL here. The Gravedigger is very long-winded but speaks to this guy here about everything, particularly the music.

Head right one more time to the giant furnace. Try to approach, but it’s too hot.

Use your star map to warp. Try to go back to AXIWAN. Disaster strikes! Poor Antoids!

Next up, let’s go back to CAPE COOCOO and enter the bar. The Antoids are safe after all! Speak to them, and offer your help. They want some food.

Before leaving the bar, look at the MAGAZINES here. There is a robot manual that you will automatically take. Read it.

Next, go back to the ALLEYWAY. Speak to the bot and use the voice activation SNOOZE command. The robot gets some well-earned rest, and you get a tool that can be used to reach a long way.


Chapter 4: Part 2

On to NEW CALLISTO. In the forest area, take the FRUIT. In the market area, speak to Bruce. This bit will depend a little bit on what you did or did not do during the previous chapter. Bruce will give you one item for free.

If you did not solve the fly/plant puzzle, he will give you some DUNG that you can give to the fly in exchange for plant poison.
If you did not solve the tortoise/thorn puzzle, he will give you a DRINK that you can give to the wrangler in exchange for passage to the pyramid.
If you solved both, he gives you a choice between some super hot CHILI GEL or a WEIRD TENTACLE.

Regardless of which item you get, use your CREDITS to buy the tentacle off of him, unless you got the tentacle for free, in which case, buy the chili.

Speak to the shady merchant, and you will get HYDRO AIR.

If you have not yet done so, make a pit stop at the forest area and use the plant poison on the vines in the back, revealing a door. Note the symbol on the door.

Speak to the Wrangler and ask him to take you to the sunstone pyramid. Climb the pyramid, using the hydro air to put out the torches as you climb. When all the torches are out, stairs appear on the other half of the pyramid. Use the PARTY BOT ARM to grab the HEAT-PROOF PARASOL from the fish. Enter the door at the top of the pyramid.

There is a puzzle here. Stand at the machines and examine the disciples. Pay close attention to their dance. Look at the sheet music in your inventory; each dance step they do corresponds with a button on the machine. Input the correct sequence, and the creature will wake up.

Speak to the creature about its music. If you have spoken to the gravedigger about his passion for music, the creature will depart for Pluto.

Go to Pluto, and head left to the furnace area. Drop off your heat parasol and speak to the creature here; it will break the furnace.

With the furnace broken, go to the mountain area in the southeast again. The beast awakens. We need to repeat the music puzzle several more times by inputting several new sequences. Do this, and you will earn the CHRONO CRYSTAL.

After grabbing the crystal, talk to the gravedigger at the bottom of the stairs here for Music To My Ears.

Return to the lab and pop the crystal in the machine for a short scene. Two down, one to go!


Chapter 4: Part 3

Now that the beast is pacified, we can make a quick pit stop at Cape Coocoo. Give the antoids the FRUIT for Friends in High Places. You can also take the creature here and return it to its mother, the giant beast.

Go back to the gravedigger. Because you examined the symbol here and the symbol on the door in the forest, there is a new tiny hotspot. There is a medallion on his back.

Try to grab it, and you will talk to him about it. Exhaust dialogue. He agrees to give it to you if you scare him.

Scare him with the TENTACLE and grab the medallion.

Note: If you neither have the tentacle nor the credits to buy it, there is probably an alternate way to scare the gravedigger. If anyone knows it, please drop a comment below, and I will update the guide with a credit.

Back in the forest, use the medallion to open the lab door. We will have to use the machine here to create the crystal. This puzzle is solved by combining various colored balls.

First, dump in a dark blue and a pink ball, and they will combine into a yellow ball. Next, dump in another dark blue ball and a light blue ball, and they will combine into a purple ball. The purple and yellow will combine to our first success.

Next, combine green and a pink ball, for an orange triangle ball. When they combine, add a green and light blue ball, and it will become wavy pink. These will combine for the second success.

Finally, add pink and green, and when they combine, add a pink and a dark blue. This is the third success.

Grab the crystal and leave. Head back to the lab and complete the machine with the third crystal.


Chapter 5: Live Long and Make Your Mother Proud

Speak to Wormhole, and then try to take the device that is just out of reach. Maax shows up!

Try to whistle for Maari, but it doesn’t work. Speak to Maax and ask her about the portal a few times, and she goes away.

Take control of Maari and grab the Echo-bot remote. Use it, and we are in control of echo-bot!

Follow Wormhole around and use the inventory Record function to get him in front of his machine as well as by the underlings. When you have both recordings, you are sent down the tube. Send the vox recorder up to the imprisoned pair, and head back up the tube.

Swap places with the garbage can, and get FLAMING SCRIPT. Send this up to Henry and Seren as well.

In the final confrontation, use the vox recorder on Wormhole. This distracts them. Next, use your SOCK on them. Use the Vox recorder on them a second time.

Quickly grab the voice chip from the table, and enjoy the conclusion to the game!


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