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Hollow Knight – Wanderer’s Journals – All 14 Locations

Hollow Knight - Wanderer's Journals - All 14 Locations

Wanderer’s Journals are the most common relic in Hollow Knight. There are a plentiful 14 to be found across all of Hallownest, each netting you 200 Geo.


Collecting all of them and selling them to Relic Seeker Lemm will net you a modest 2800 Geo.



Wanderer’s Journals – All 14 Locations

Here is a brief list of all available Wanderer’s Journal locations:


1. Outside of the Stag Station in Greenpath, hidden behind a breakable wall nearby.


2. In the room connecting Greenpath to Fog Canyon.


3. In the room southwest of where two Shrumal Ogres are encountered in an arena, the reward being a Charm Notch.


4. Whispering Roots can be used with the Dream Nail, the one just north of the Mantis Village having a Journal nearby.


5. To the west of the City Storerooms Stag Station.


6. North of the stagway ‘King’s Station’.


7. In the Pleasure House, a Hot Spring requires a Simple Key to open.


8. In the Howling Cliffs.


9. Found in Crystal Peak in a room guarded by 7 Crystal Crawlers.


10. Found in the Resting Grounds in a room near the Soul Eater charm.


11. In the Royal Waterways area that connects it to the Ancient Basin.


12. In the western part near the entrance to King’s Station stagway.


13. Next to the bench on the path leading to the Cast-Off Shell, the molt of the Wyrm gives you access to the Abyss.


14. To the northwest of where Markoth can be found and fought for 300 Essence.


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