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Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order – Health Stim Upgrade Locations

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Health Stim upgrade locations

Search the indicated locations to find special chests to upgrade the amount of Health Stims BD-1 can carry.



1. On the ship landing pad, look for a ramp leading down. In the room below is a metal doorway that can only be opened with Force Push. Use Force Push to roll the metal ball into the slot to open the gate.


2. In the Subterranean Refuge area, reach the circular shaped, shaft-like room that you need to wall-run and jump to the top of. In what looks like a dead-end corner at the top is a large platform you can Force Pull down to reach the chest.




3. From the main entrance to the Imperial Dig Site (from the Imperial Base), take the elevator down, then use Force Pull to cross the swinging vines. There will be a passage down below where you can swing, jump to a wind tunnel, and ride up to a rope. It leads up to a cliff connected to the Ice Caves with the chest.


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