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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Where to Find all 10 Plants to get New Seeds

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Where to Find all 10 Plants to get New Seeds

  • -Search on Bogano. Fractured Plain. There is on a hill to the right of the landing site. This plant has purple flowers.


  • -There is in an underground shelter at Bogano. Subterranean Refuge. Go down to the bottom to find the monster, and the right plant will be nearby.


  • -On Zeffo. Go to the Crash Site area, follow to the right where the fighter is lying, and the desired flower will grow on the outskirts of the land on the opposite side.


  • -On Zeffo, you will find in Weathered Monument area. When you move along a narrow gorge after the first two machine gunners, look for a plant near the chest locked by electronics (to open it, you need a BD-1 probe adapter).


  • -On Zeffo, look for in Windswept Ruins. You are interested in the red flower on the column in front.


  • -There is in Gloomroot Hollow area on Kashyyyk. Not far from the point where you need to jump on three collapsing plants.


  • -On Kashyyyk in Origin Tree area. Climb to the nearest ledge from the point of meditation and look for yellowish bulbs at the base of one of the three green plants.


  • -On Kashyyyk, the Imperial Refinery. Near the meditation point, where attack aircraft fight with two spiders (and then two blades rotate).


  • -On Datomir in the pit, where you will fall when you study the map (Swamp of Sacrifice). There are many alleys and spiders. Find two plants in different parts of the pit at once!


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