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PS4 & Xbox One Controls for STAR WARS: Squadrons

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PS4 & Xbox One Controls

What buttons do what on my PS4 & Xbox One controller? What are the default key bindings?

Every control option on the PS4 & Xbox One version of STAR WARS: Squadrons. You can customize the key bindings in the options menu. Simply navigate to Options > Controls from the main menu of the game.



Controls For PS4

Cross: Cycle Targets / Target My Attacker (double-tap)

Circle: Countermeasures

Square: Focus Shields / Convert Power

Triangle: Ping Target / Acknowledge Ping (double-tap) / Comm Menu (hold)

R2: Primary Weapon

L2: Select Target Ahead / Targeting Menu (hold)

R1: Fire Right Auxiliary

L1: Fire Left Auxiliary

Right Thumbstick/R3: Pitch (vertical) / Yaw (horizontal) / Free Look (double-tap)

Left Thumbstick/L3: Throttle (vertical) / Roll (horizontal) / Boost (tap) / Drift (hold while boosting)

Directional Button Up: Increase Weapon Power

Directional Button Down: Balance Power

Directional Button Right: Increase Shield Power

Directional Button Left: Increase Engine Power

Options: Menu

Touchpad: Show Loadout



Controls For Xbox One

A: Cycle Targets / Target My Attacker (double-tap)

B: Countermeasures

X: Focus Shields / Convert Power

Y: Ping Target / Acknowledge Ping (double-tap) / Comm Menu (hold)

RT: Primary Weapon

LT: Select Target Ahead / Targeting Menu (hold)

RB: Fire Right Auxiliary

LB: Fire Left Auxiliary

RS: Pitch (vertical) / Yaw (horizontal) / Free Look (double-tap)

LS: Throttle (vertical) / Roll (horizontal) / Boost (tap) / Drift (hold while boosting)

D-Pad Up: Increase Weapon Power

D-Pad Down: Balance Power

D-Pad Right: Increase Shield Power

D-Pad Left: Increase Engine Power

Menu button: Menu

View: Show Loadout


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