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Hollow Knight – King’s Idols – All 8 Locations

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King’s Idols – All 8 Locations

King’s Idols are a valuable and hard-to-find relic in Hollow Knight, only appearing 8 times throughout the kingdom. They can be sold individually for 800 Geo, netting a grand total of 6400 Geo for all sold to Lemm.


Here is a brief list of all 8 locations for the King’s Idols;


1. Given by Grubfather as a reward for saving 38 Grubs.


2. Found in Crystal Peak above where Cornifer sells the map.


3. Found in the Resting Grounds behind a waterfall in Spirits’ Glade.


4. Found in the Royal Waterways, in a secret room where White Defender is fought, only accessible with Desolate Dive/Descending Dark.


5. Found in the Howling Cliffs in the southwestern part of the map.


6. Directly under the Colosseum of Fools behind a breakable wall.


7. Behind the Colosseum of Fools and in a secret room.


8. Found in Deepnest west of where Zote is trapped in the spider’s web.


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