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Lab Rags Cheats

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Name – Requirement – Acquisition

Health Conscious – Beat a level using only a single body. The best level to do that is the first one.


Environmentally Friendly – Beat a level without leaving any bodies behind. It can be unlocked at the same time as Health conscious.


  • Starting you will have to kill yourself once and then picking up your body to make it the shapes that you need.


  • For the spikes use the trampoline to pass them.


  • for the buttons on the walls, you will use the trampoline again


  • For the button in the cage use the ball and jump on the opening to suck it back into your gun


  • For the steps the trampoline is perfect.


  • in order to pass the turrets, I recommend using the cube and moving slowly so you won’t die.



Name – Requirement

Spacebound – To infinity and beyond!


Load on level 4 and there the second fun you find in the level to bust you on the second floor throw a trampoline on the bottom level (not where it’s electrified) and then from the top floor jump on it.


You might need to jump on it many times but it should unlock right before you are about to heat on the sealing.


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