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You just have to go into your game and if you are now pressing F8 in a level or in the city, and then the cheat menu opens on the left side of your screen.


Please note that the game notices when you open it and from this moment no achieve volumes are more triggered or counted. You can then only enjoy the game hard without any problems that you are constantly dying.


God mode – [1] – become immortal. Not recommended by the Church of Disorder.


Conserve energy – [2] – stop worrying about the skills’ cost. Instantly renew 100% of energy.


Add Karma – [3] – Puppy’s unparalleled strength and quick reflexes now boosted to the max. Gain 25 cores and many points of Karma to instantly unlock all skills.


Unlock all guns – [4] – enter the carnage festival overpowered, guns blazing.


Unlock all weapons in the Supply Drop’s radial menu.


Unlimited ammo – [5] – recycling guns is a hassle. HEAVEN Corp. decided to drop the costly Grinder project and instead put all its resources in UAT (Unlimited Ammo Tech). What a time to be alive!


Unlimited melee durability – [6] – let’s be honest: recycling melee weapons is a hassle. Now slice your opponents – not a scratch on your shiny sword.


Explosive melee kills – [7] – Puppy’s a cool guy and he enjoys explosions. A lot. Kill enemies to make them go boom!


Ghostbreak them all – [8] – you thought three was a crowd? Hack’em all. Make’em all your friends.


Unlimited Dash – [9] – Dash like crazy ‘cause charges are not used up.


Spawn a Creep – [Insert] – no need to venture alone. Your little loyal Creep friends are there to serve you.


Unlock all clothes – [Home] – make a fashion statement. Blend in or stand out.


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