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Viscerafest Cheats

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To enable cheats, you have to enable a developer mode. To do so, navigate your own Steam library.


Find Viscerafest on the list, right-click on it, and select Properties…


In a newly opened window, under launch options type in:



Close the window and launch the game.




End – Stops a dialogue during a boss fight


Enter (Return) – Make a high-res screenshot without HUD and stores it in \Viscerafest_Data\screenshots – warning, a folder has to be created manually!


Backspace – Toggles Noclip (when in Noclip, Mousewheel adjusts FOV). Q/E is up/down.


Right arrow – Finish the level


Down arrow – Go to the hub


Comma (key) – Speed up the game


Period (key) – Slow the game down


Slash key – / – Show debug stats



Cheat Codes

These cheat codes you use, by just typing them in as you play. Obviously, you need a developer mode enabled.


Cheat codeResult

awesreek – Set Awes Face… lol


frespects – Kills all enemies


amghp – Toggles invincibility


4ever – Adds 50 save becons


mounlocking – Gives you all 3 keys.


sarapockets – Unlocks all weapons.


fpgap – Sets maximum ammo for all weapons.


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