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Magical Waifus Academy Cheats

Cheat Codes

Press “enter”, then type one of these cheat codes below. You’ll hear a light moan if the cheat was entered correctly.


time : Advance time by 1 unit.


expcometome : Gain a ton of Arcana.


ouijeleveux : Unlocks the gallery.


deku : Become OP, impress Saki the hellhound.


dragon : Skip a quest requirement for the last boss.


dispel : Skip a quest requirement for the last boss.


noboss : In conjunction with “dragon” unlocks the final boss reward in the gallery. Skips all the last dungeon story bits.


nextplz : Skips the story up to the last dungeon.


pixelfun : Makes all the students except Saki the hellhound do lewd stuff. Unlocks the possibility to advance Saki’s lewd meter.


exam : Skip all exams (that’s a real cheat sheet!).


better : Become slightly better.


Cheat codes are case-sensitive.


The use of cheat codes does not appear to prohibit Achievement unlocks.


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