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Flowers -Le volume sur automne- Cheats

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How to Get The True End

If you choose all green choices, the green route leads to the True End.



Chapter 1

  • There’s no one closer than you.


  • Actually, my hobby is growing flowers.


  • Ichigo-kun is my type.


  • Pancakes.


  • Might give Takasaki-kun’s idea a try.


  • I’m kinda jealous.


  • Have you ever been in love?


  • I’m more interested in your costume.



Chapter 2

  • A dog.


  • Why not put the moves on them?


  • ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’?


  • Tease Takasaki-kun.


  • I read it in a Ryunosuke Akutagawa novel.


  • ‘Because it bites like a Mimic.’



Mystery 1

> SAVE 1

  • …Is lying to implicate someone.


  • She ripped it out of spite at a love rival.



Chapter 3

  • I’d like to go with you.


  • You saw me changing up my hairstyle yesterday…


  • Reading.


  • It’d be weird for me to smell sweet.



Chapter 4

  • I’m not gonna be able to lie my way past Suoh-kun.


  • ‘I wanna hear you sing, Suoh-kun.’


  • Thanks for your concern.


  • Dorm Mother Katabami?


  • I should imagine myself as the original singer?


  • Ask the red-faced Ringo-kun.



Mystery 2

> SAVE 2

  • The bits of vegetables left in the sack.


  • The stain on the sack.


  • Recycling.


  • She knows the truth.



Chapter 5

  • Confirm her suspicions.


  • Ichigo-kun’s keeping her distance too?


  • I feel at ease around her.


  • I don’t want to talk about it.



Mystery 3

> SAVE 3


  • She wrote in her diary that she was looking at her reflection.


  • The lack of footprints.



Mystery 4

> SAVE 4


  • Both Ringo’s right and left shoes were muddy.


  • Ichigo Sasaki.



Chapter 6

  • Our promise to take a bath together?


  • Maybe it’s because I came onto her so strong.




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