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Shoot Shoot My Waifu Cheats

Shoot Shoot My Waifu Cheats


Clothing Related Achievements

First Skinship – Break a piece of cloth

  • Destroy any piece of clothing during play.


Master of Stripper – Destroy 200 pieces of clothes

  • Blast away all the clothing.


Almost Gentleman – Clear any stage without destroying underwear

  • If you’re blasting clothes away, the Boss fight will begin when only the underwear is left. Don’t destroy any underwear clothing during the boss fight. This is usually easiest with the Milk Bottle Weapon/Roleplay.


Masochist Pride – Break all clothes without destroying ropes on Luceal’s body

  • You must destroy ALL the clothes and defeat the boss. Don’t destroy the ropes. Tip: Use the Milk Bottle Weapon/Roleplay to avoid stray/homing bullets.



Fighting Related Achievements

The Collector (Collect 3 type of items

  • Collect at least 1 Underwear, 1 Soap, and 1 Toilet Paper.


Mini Boss Hunter – Kill 30 mini bosses

  • Mini-Bosses are the Television, Clock, Cat Mermaid, Cat on a Roomba, Log.


The Rambo – 100,000 bullets were shot

  • Shoot 100,000 times. Hold down the fire button and you’re good to go.


Die Hard – Clear all stages on hard difficulty without using ultimate and losing life

  • This is the big one. You’ll need to clear all seven Sins (excludes the Secret Sin) on Hard difficulty. You cannot get hit, not even a single time. You cannot use your Ultimate skill, not even once. This will put your evasion skills to the test.



Pacifist Related Achievements

Cuddly Debomb – Don’t attack a flock of Debombs in any stage

  • The Debombs are the large fluffy cats in a diaper. They move directly across the screen and don’t attack. Simply maneuver around them without killing them.


No Animals Were Harmed – Reach checkpoint without killing any monster

  • Don’t kill anything until the Boss. The checkpoint is simply when the Boss fight starts. You can of course still defeat the Boss.


Hit me if you can – Destroy 1,000 bullets from monsters

  • To destroy enemy bullets, you need to use your Ultimate skill. I recommend using the Ultimate skill when there are a lot of bullets on screen for maximum profit. Tip: Personally, this was easiest using the Elastic Armor Ultimate and then wiping away all the bullets as quickly as I could.


It’s Time To Stop – Use skill Time Stop 10 times in the same stage

  • Simply use the Time Stop Ultimate skill 10 times. I found it easiest to do this on Wrath/Satano because the length of the stage made it super easy to get 10 charges.


Sugar Daddy – Purchase everything in Customize page

  • Purchase all the Roleplay and Skill items from the Customize shop.



Characters Related Achievements

Unlock the Sin of Greed – Unlock Margaretta

  • Craft three items. Collect enough Underwear, Soap, and Toilet Paper to purchase three items from the Customize shop.


Unlock the Sin of Pride – Unlock Luceal

  • Clear the Greed/Margaretta stage without dying. You’re allowed to use Ultimate Skills so I’d recommend a shield or similar. Avoid Bankai, Stop Time, and Meteor Shower.


Unlock the Sin of Envy – Unlock Liviatan

  • Reach orgasm by a tentacle. Reach the Love Scene with Pride/Luceal and have her climax using the Tentacle Toy.


Unlock the Sin of Wrath – Unlock Satano

  • Destroy 100% clothes on all previous levels. This includes Kimochia, Gula, Belubelu, Margaretta, Luceal, and Liviatan (Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Pride, and Envy).


Unlock Secret Sin – Unlock Secret sin

  • Shh, it’s a secret. Once you’ve unlocked all the other Sins, click on the kitty sleeping atop the refrigerator.



Performance Related Achievements

NTR of Lust – Get 5 stars on Lust stage

  • Kimochia. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Gluttony – Get 5 stars on Gluttony stage

  • Gula. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Sloth – Get 5 stars on Sloth stage

  • Belubelu. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Greed – Get 5 stars on Greed stage

  • Margaretta. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Pride – Get 5 stars on Pride stage

  • Luceal. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Envy – Get 5 stars on Envy stage

  • Liviatan. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Wrath – Get 5 stars on Wrath stage

  • Satano. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


NTR of Secret sin – Get 5 stars on Secret sin

  • Meaw 8th. Destroy most of the clothing, most of the enemies, and defeat the Boss.


Super NTR Player – Clear all stages

  • Clear all stages by defeating each boss. This does not require 5 Stars/Lips. Only completion.


Double Tap – Clear all stages twice

  • You’ll need to destroy 100% of all clothing and defeat the Boss of every Sin (excluding the Secret sin) for this one.



Love Scenes Related Achievements

Greenhorn – Stay in love scene less than 30 seconds

  • Get any demon to climax in under 30 seconds. While using a toy, wiggle the mouse around to make the love scene speed up.


Cliffhanger – Exit love scene before the demon hits climax

  • Before the demon reaches the climax, hit the Back button to return to the main screen.


Insert Mr. Johnson – Insert Mr. Johnson into every characters

  • During the love scene, use the penis toy. Do this for each of the seven sins (ignores the Secret sin).


Fifty shades of Heaven – Stay in love scene at least 50 minutes

  • Does NOT accumulate. Meaning you will have to sit in a Love Scene for 50 minutes in one go. Remember, don’t start any actions otherwise, the Gauge will fall back to Zero and you’ll fail. Just get into a Love Scene and let it sit for 50 minutes.


Turn Someone Off – Leave love gauge fall to 0 in love scene

  • Start a lovemaking session, then just stop. Let the gauge fall all the way back to zero.



Boss Mastery Related Achievements

Last Shot – Kill any boss by using ultimate skill

  • This can be tricky, I got this using the Terminator Ultimate. When I got the feeling a boss was close to defeat, keep spamming Terminators.


Perfectionist – Press the restart button after defeated on boss stage

  • Get to any boss fight, die, then use the restart option without leaving the level. Don’t go back to the main menu, just use the Restart option from the pause menu.


Close, but no cigar – Lose the game while the boss has 3% HP or less

  • This can be tricky since there is no health bar for Bosses. To get this reliably, get to the Boss fight on Envy/Liviatan. Make sure you are on your last life (one more hit means game over). The instant you defeat the Boss, move down into the water. If done quickly (you have about two seconds at best), you will die before the battle wraps up and unlock the achievement.

Tip: You can use this technique to get the Let’s Swim achievement at the same time!


Chado of Pride – Drink Matcha tea with Luceal

  • During the Boss fight, multiple bamboo reeds will rise from the bottom. Luceal will sip her tea, then throw the cup breaking the reeds. Catch the cup! You will die.


Let’s Swim – Swiming on Envy stage

  • Envy/Liviatan. Get to the boss fight of Envy/Liviatan and then move down into the water. You will die.


Kill two ducks with one stone – Kill2 ducks with one attacking

  • Envy/Liviatan. During the Envy/Liviatan Boss fight two ducks will splash up from the water. Destroy them both before they land back in the water. Nearly impossible without at least 1 Weapon Power Up Level.


You are The Next Bride – Pick up the bride’s bouquet from Wrath

  • Wrath/Satano. During the Boss fight, she will charge to the left side. Then she’ll toss her bouquet over her shoulder. Before it bursts into individual flowers, catch it. You will die.


Cat Lover – Don’t attack the cat in Wrath stage

  • Wrath/Satano. Don’t attack the cat. Not even a single hit. I highly recommend Milk Bottle Gun Weapon/Roleplay in this situation as you don’t want any stray/homing bullets to hit the cat.


Purified Satan – Clear Wrath stage by using Exocist Skin

  • Wrath/Satano. Use the Fake Priest (Exorcist) Weapon/Roleplay and defeat the Wrath/Satano Boss fight. You don’t need to destroy all clothes, only defeat the Boss.


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