RetroMania Wrestling Cheats


Achievements & Trophies

The following are all the RetroMania Wrestling achievements & trophies and how you can unlock them:


Big Debut: Complete your first match


I hope the Ref didn’t see that: Hit your opponent with a steel chair


I’m just a spectator: Watch five A.I. vs. A.I. battles


Can’t win ‘em all: Lose 10 matches


Learn the ropes, Kid: Complete the Basic Tutorial in Story Mode


I don’t need a ring!: Win a Falls Count Anywhere Match outside the ring


I don’t think so, Brother!: Win a match after triggering a Second Wind


No where to run: Win a Cage Match inside the ‘Chain Link’ cage


Unforgiving Steel: Win a Cage Match inside the ‘Big Blue’ cage


That’s why they call it High Risk: Miss an attack from the top of the cage


Innovator of Violence: Win a match as Tommy Dreamer


Alwayz Ready: Win a match as Matt Cardona


Whipped into Shape: Win a match as Stevie Richards in the SRF Arena


The Real Star of the Show: Win a match as Johnny Retro


SPLX King: Win a match as Jeff Cobb


National Treasure: Win a match as Nick Aldis


The Most Professional Wrestler: Win a match as Brian Myers


What is going on here?: Win a match as Warhorse in Warhorse’s Hell Arena


Hurrah! Another Trophy!: Win a match as Zack Sabre Jr. by submission


Boom Boom!: Win a match as Colt Cabana


Kickin’ it Old School: Win a match as Nikita Koloff in the NWA 70 Arena


Generation Clash: Win a match as Nick Aldis against Austin Idol in the NWA Powerrr arena


The Real World’s Champion: Complete 10 Pounds of Gold mode


Bonesaw is ready!: Defeat your opponent within 3 minutes inside a Steel Cage


We’re takin’ over!: Win a 6 Man Tag Team Match as the Blue World Order


What a Rush!: Win a Tag Team Match as Hawk & Animal


Major Marks: Win a Tag Team Match as Matt Cardona & Brain Myers in the STOMP in Paradise Arena


5 Time, 5 Time, 5 Time: Complete 10 Pounds of Gold with 5 different wrestlers


I’ll take ‘em both, I’m Hardcore!: Win a 3 Way Match with Tommy Dreamer in the Ballroom


Established Talent: Win 20 matches


Main Eventer: Win 50 matches


And then there was one: Win a 4 Way Elimination Match


No one gets up from that: Land 3 Finishing Moves in one match


Killin’ the Biz: Kick out of your opponent’s Finishing Move


And Still: Successfully defend a Championship in Exhibition Mode


The Best-ler, Better than all the Rest-ler: Complete the Story Mode


I have sailed the world, behold its wonders: Win a match in every arena


Skinning the Cat: Win a Retro Rumble


Lastly, there will be one platinum trophy in RetroMania Wrestling, which is RetroMania World Champion, which is earned by earning all of the other trophies in the game.


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