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All Door Codes and Safe Combinations

Codes for Dubai

These are all the codes used for doors and safes in Dubai.


The Staff Area Door

There is a door on Floor Level 00. You have to go through the Atrium to get to this door. This door can also be seen from the meeting room.


The code for this door this 4706.


The Security Room Safe

There is a safe on Floor Level 03. This safe has the Evacuation Keycard that is needed for the two panels on the 4th and 5th floor of the penthouse.


The evacuation sequence for the two targets will be initiated because of the keycard.


The code for the safe is 6927.


The Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe

The code to this safe is unknown. We will update the guide if we come to know the code for this safe.


Codes for Dartmoor

These are all the codes used for doors and safes in Dartmoor.


The Alexa Carlisle Safe

The code to this safe is 1975. You will find this safe behind the picture frame in Alexa Carlisle’s office.


To reveal the safe, you will have to press the button on her chair. This office is on the second floor. There is a way to find the code for this safe. But let’s not bother about that.



Codes for Chongqing

These are all the codes used for doors and safes in Chongqing


The ICA Facility Entrance

There is a door at the entrance of the ICA Facility. Its code is 0118. People are talking about the code to this door if you eavesdrop, but there is no need because you already know this.


There is also an apartment with the P41 form that opens with the same code.


The P41 Form Apartment

As mentioned above this apartment door has the same code as above (0118).


This apartment is on the second Floor Level.


The Laundromat Door

This door has the same code as the apartment which 0118. This is on the First Floor Level.


The Benchmark Lab Door

The code to the door that will take you to the staircase. This is on the fourth floor level of the building where your target Hush is.


The Door to Hush’s Private Lab

The code to the door in the private lab of Hush is 2552. This is the Therapy room. You can get here from the balcony of the private lab.


The Arcade Door

There is an arcade on the ground floor of this building. The code for this door is 2552.




These are all the codes used for doors and safes in Mendoza:


The Laser System Door

You would need to shut off the laser system here by entering the code “1945″ in the Wine Fridge on the first floor.


The Villa Basement Safe

The code to the safe present in the basement of the Villa is “2006″. There is very important intel in this safe.


Opening this safe also completes a challenge. You can find out the code by eavesdropping on the guards at the cliff.



The Carpathian Mountains

The Starting Door

The door at the very start of this mission open with the code “1979″.


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