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Enemies are generally divided into two groups: Giant Creatures and Ravagers. Giant Creatures, true to their name, are genetically altered terrestrial lifeforms used as biological weapons by the Aggressors. They range from giant insects to colossal kaiju.


Ravagers are the Aggressors’ robotic weapons. They take the form of spaceships, bipedal robots, and gigantic battle machines. In addition, the enemy Kindred Rebellion faction possesses both robotic and biological enemies, which are hostile to Blast Team.




  • Storm Ants – Storm Ants are the most common enemy in the game. They attack with their jaws and spit acid.


  • Storm Ant Scout – Storm Ant Scouts is a variant of Storm Ant controlled remotely by the Kindred Rebellion using their PA Gear. Thanks to the Rebellion’s tampering, they have physically heightened and are distinguished from the Aggressors’ Storm Ants by red paint on their bodies.


  • Crazy Ants – A faster and more ferocious variant of giant ant capable of spitting acid in multiple directions, the Crazy Ant first emerged in South America. When the EDF’s South American branch attempted to control and breed these creatures, the plan backfired, and they quickly multiplied out of control and wiped out EDF South America. Crazy Ants have since migrated north, putting them into contact with Blast Team.


  • Winged Ants – An enemy type not seen since Global Defence Force, Winged Ants appear to be a relative of Storm Ants with the added ability of flight. While in the air, they can spit deadly acid in multiple directions. It is hypothesized that when fully grown, Winged Ants transform into Queen Ants.


  • Bomb Beetles – Bomb Beetles fight alongside the ranks of the Storm Ants. Their bodies contain explosive gases, which make them explode when attacked, thus earning their namesake.


  • Green Bomb Beetles – A subspecies of Bomb Beetles with iridescent green armor which reduces the damage they take from weapons.


  • Wolf Spiders – Wolf Spiders are 25 meters long with their legs extended. They attack by expelling a sticky web from their mouths that immobilizes PA Gear.


  • Baby Spiders – Baby Spiders jump out of Wolf Spiders’ abdomen. They are about 2.5 meters long. They attack approaching humans by detonating their own bodies, spreading deadly acidic body fluid in the explosion.


  • Deathstalker – The Deathstalker is a venomous creature resembling a giant scorpion. It uses its armored pincer as a shield and sprays pressurized venom from its tail which is powerful enough to slice through a tank. Deathstalkers constantly glow in the dark, which makes them easier to spot at night.


  • Beizal – A kaiju roughly 60 meters tall, Beizal possesses an internal generator that allows it to emit a powerful electromagnetic pulse from its dorsal plates, which immediately destroys nearby electronics and disables PA Gear. It can also spit a powerful blue laser from its mouth. Beizal cannot be targeted by standard lock-on missiles while emitting its pulse. It seems to possess terrestrial DNA and is theorized to be a synthetic creature engineered by the Aggressors using the DNA of several creatures from the Devonian Period 400 million years ago.


  • Queen Ant – The Queen Ant is 50 meters long and lives deep underground in her nest, where she produces Storm Ants. She is capable of flight and, due to her massive weight, can severely damage foes just by moving.


  • Raznid – An unfathomably gigantic creature over 300 meters in height and 1 kilometer in length, Raznid is the Aggressors’ ultimate invasion weapon. It is able to breathe a stream of fire from its mouth.


  • Sideros – Sideros are powerful enemies that drop from the sky. Their attacks can destroy buildings in a single strike, and they are also very agile.


  • Scourgers – Scourgers are giant robots that destroy everything in their path. Employed early on in the invasion, the majority of Scourgers have been deactivated; however, they will reactivate and attack if near a battle.


  • Scourger Beast – Scourger Beasts are a faster quadrupedal battle form of Scourgers into which they can transform. Scourger Beasts are far more deadly than their default bipedal form.


  • Attack Pods – Attack Pods are combat ships 10 meters in length boasting impressive speed and weapons capabilities that make them far superior to any human aircraft.


  • Harvesters – Quadrupedal battle machines, Harvesters extend arms from their dome-shaped bases to capture humans, where they are stored alive inside cells within the machine. It is unknown why Harvesters capture humans, but combat against them often causes psychological trauma for EDF soldiers as they unintentionally end up injuring and killing captured soldiers.


  • Gargant – The Gargant is a huge Ravager that walks on six gigantic legs. It is theorized to be a mobile factory, releasing countless smaller Ravagers as it walks. It is equipped with many lasers and can fire plasma blasts from its legs, while it produces destructive shockwaves simply by walking. It is sufficiently armored to withstand concentrated strikes from the Air Force. Gargants are powerful enemies, and the EDF prioritizes their destruction.


  • Hivecraft – The Hivecraft is a colossal floating rock-like structure nearly one kilometer in length and width. It is speculated to be the Aggressors’ mothership. It is believed that the rock is an Energy Gem mine, while the disc section acts as a factory that produces Giant Creatures and Ravagers. The Hivecraft flew around the world during the Aggressors’ initial invasion in 2028, spreading Storm Ants and Scourgers worldwide. The Hivecraft was successfully destroyed by the EDF in 2033, but its true nature remains a mystery.


  • Raidship – The Raidship is a colossal flying object 200 meters in length. It drops both Giant Creatures and Ravagers and is capable of teleportation. It is immune to infantry fire and possesses weapons of its own.


  • Nightcrawler – The Nightcrawler is a warmech used by the Kindred Rebellion. They are an old EDF weapon used prior to PA Gear to combat the Aggressors, which were plundered and appropriated by the Kindred Rebellion during its coup. The Rebellion uses Nightcrawlers primarily to collect Energy Gems during confrontations between EDF forces and Aggressors.


  • Pillar – Pillars are mysterious mechanical towers that have appeared all over the world. Their armor is impenetrable, and they seem to contain a vast amount of energy. They are often guarded by Aggressors.


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