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The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest – Toy Shop (House Defense) Puzzle Solution Guide

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Puzzle: House Defense

Location: On the counter near the door to the workshop, it is a model house on top of a cloth.



Hints and Solution:

You need to remove the pieces (in pairs) in a way which never leaves any piece unguarded, in each of the 3 sections: inside the house proper, in the entrance, and outside the house (on the table).


There is a Colour Blind setting in the options to help with this puzzle, it will show labels over the colours.


A sword will attack any piece undefended by a shield. In particular, a sword of a particular colour will only attack a piece with the body of that colour, a shield defends all pieces with a body of the particular colour.


You must not remove all white shields before all white swords (the piece in the top window would be left undefended).


There are safe pairs of pieces that can stand in the entrance together.


With a pair of pieces, you generally need to place the one with sword in the entrance first.


Make sure you don’t leave the house undefended when you remove a pair.


The pairs are: Red and Purple, Green and Pink, and Black and Yellow.


You can’t remove the Red and Purple pair last!


There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle, one potential solution is: Purple and Red, then Green and Pink, then Black and Yellow, and then White.


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