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The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest – Puzzle: Tad vs Stauf Solution Guide

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Location: It is in the dollhouse in the corner of the room.



Hints and Solution:

You need to connect from left to right (Blue), before Stauf can connect from top to bottom (Red). You do this by filling the hexes with your colour (Blue), taking it in turns, placing one hex, then Stauf places a hex.


Stauf is very clever, he will always do the best move he has available.


Stauf will try to connect his hexes in the shortest route possible, playing passively will allow him to win.


Stauf will try to block your path where possible.


Stauf will try to block your path, and improve his own in the same move, maybe you need to do this to?


Placing a hex one hex away from the edge gives two options to connect to the edge (Stauf loves doing this).


When trying to make a line of hexes across the board you can easily leave yourself two viable options to carry on the line.


It is very important to be a move ahead of your opponent, so that they have to react to your move. Stauf is very good at getting in to this position, even though you play the first move.


The starting move is very important.


You need to start one hex away from the centre.


The following image shows a short sequence to beat Stauf:


The numbers indicate the order to place your hexes, the letters indicate Stauf’s counter moves.

1 2


It works by making Stauf try to block you from the first move, then connecting your hexes and blocking Stauf’s work, then making a two-way connection to one of the blue sides, then you can run along the board, as Stauf tries to block access to your existing hexes, then leaving a gap that can be connected in two places and placing a hex that connect to the other blue side in two places, finally you can connect the last 3 hexes without Stauf blocking you. Other solutions may require less moves.


Completing the puzzle in the Doll Room: unlocks the Attic.


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