The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest - Puzzle: Skeleton Hands Solution Guide - MGW

The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest – Puzzle: Skeleton Hands Solution Guide

The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest - Puzzle: Skeleton Hands Solution Guide

Location: To the right of the gates, as you go in the graveyard, behind the row of gravestones, on the ground.



Hints and Solution:

This is another game that you can win at random, without fully understanding how the game works.


You are playing against the computer, you have two skeleton arms (at the bottom of the screen, and so does the CPU (at the top of the screen).


You need to get your opponent’s Hands to have 5 fingers extended, this will then cause the Hand to close (0 fingers extended). If you “overkill” an attack (say attack with 4 Fingers against 3), the Hand is set to the max of 5 Fingers extended, and then closed.


To win, you need to get both of the CPU’s Hands to close, before both your own Hands become closed.


You take it in turns, you first, then the CPU. On each turn you can select one of your Hands, and either Attack one of the CPU’s Hands or Split with your other Hand.


If you Attack, you will extend fingers on your opponent’s hand (you will extend the same number of fingers as you currently have extended on the Hand you attacked with). E.g. If you have 3 Fingers extended, and attack a Hand with 1 Finger extended, the defending Hand will change from 1 Finger extended to 4 Fingers extended (+3 Fingers).


You can Split a Hand with your other Hand, except if the configuration of extended Fingers would not change (e.g. if you have 1 Finger extended on both Hands). Splitting will divide the total number of extended Fingers you have by 2, and give that amount to each Hand. If the total is an odd number, the Hand that had the most extended Fingers before the Split, will have the additional 1 extended Finger.


You can Split with a closed Hand (as long as you have more than 1 extended Finger).


Don’t attack when you will leave yourself vulnerable to having your Hand closed. E.g. If you have 1 extended Finger, and attack a Hand with 3 extended Fingers, then they will now have 4 extended Fingers. If they attack the same Hand back, it will get 5 extended Fingers, and then close.


You need to close one of the CPU’s Hands first, then the other. It is not possible to close both of the CPU’s Hands at the same time.


You also need to make sure that when the CPU is down to one Hand, and you can’t beat then with the next Attack, that they only have 1 Finger extended (to prevent them from Splitting).


If you are also down to 1 Hand, and you cannot win on the next Attack, make sure that you have 1 Finger extended, then you can Attack twice to win. Otherwise you will lose if you Attack.


Or, if you still have 2 Hands, and you cannot win on the next Attack, then you can should be able to Attack twice to win (as long as you have at least 2 extended Fingers in one Hand).


Either way if you can’t win in two Attacks from this position, then the CPU will be able to Split and recover the other Hand. So it is probably better to Split yourself or restart the puzzle. Obviously, if you can win in 1 Attack, then Attack and win!


The CPU does not behave the same way every time. There is no defined solution.


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