The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest – Puzzle: 7 Queens Hints and Solution

Puzzle: 7 Queens Hints and Solution

Puzzle: 7 Queens

Location:On the chessboard.



Hints and Solution:

You need to fill the board with Queens, so that none of them can “take” each other, according to the rules of Chess.


When you place a Queen that is able to “take” other Queen already on the board, those Queens are removed, and you will need to place them again.


There are 7 Queens and 7 Columns and 7 Rows left on the board.


You need to make use of every row and every column.


Once you have placed all 7 Queens, a new round is started with 6 Queens, and all of the used squares on the board disappear.


It goes all the way down to 1 Queen, going down by 1 Queen at a time.


There are many possible solutions, one method to complete the puzzle is presented in the following image:



  • Doll Dress – Location: On the wall to the right of the door, in a picture frame.


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