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We Were Here Together – The Fountain Puzzle Solution Guide

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The player of the two-lever room must go to the empty fountain and go down the stairs to turn the valve, which will launch the puzzle. It is limited in time and should be prepared for it.


If you activate the valve, water flows in, and the stairs on the side turn.




Suppose you can not see well because of the water level, hop! That can help for a short time.


The player in the fountain needs to gradually climb the stairs, which the second player will rotate in parts in his room through a special mechanism (First screen).


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Each of the stairs refers to a specific symbol.


These symbols are also indicated on the ceiling above the fountain. This is a symbol of the Comet.


As a result, we have the following arrangement on the mechanism:


  • Top Left → Jupiter


  • Left → Stars


  • Upper Right → Sun


  • Bottom Left → Big Star


  • Right → Moon

It is in this sequence that they will need to be rotated. This is done by laying a line of gears from the center to the desired ladder. If this line touches the red gears, the line will not rotate the ladder.


Listen to the second player; he will talk about when necessary to rotate the ladder and when it will be required to stop.


There are fixed tiers between tiers with symbols; they must be reached on the stairs of the marked tier. The last tier will need to be tightened before exiting the reservoir.


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