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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – Circus Tour Achievement & Trophy Guide

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Mission 2: Piccadilly is basically just one huge town district. While the story wants you to go to the reading place, the two underground sections and Aural Chic (clothing store) are optional and you have to go out of your way to reach them. Each location has at least one enemy — kill them at the following locations:


Underground 1: On the left side. There are two guys holding hostages down there — you must walk down the stairs and through underground tunnel to see them.


Aural Chic: Clothing store on the right side — it has large “Aural Chic” neon signs. One guy holding hostages in there.


Underground 2: On the right side. There is no enemy inside, but one guy in a bomb vest will run down the stairs. Kill him after he enters the underground, but try not to die. Shoot him in the head and quickly get away before his vest explodes.


Reading Place: Big building in top left corner of the area — the story wants you to go there. There are multiple enemies in this area.


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