Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Step-By-Step Custom Loadout Creating Guide

Step-By-Step Custom Loadout Creating Guide

1. Think of situations you’re having trouble with, or a certain mechanic you want to enhance upon.


2. Find the best weapons & equipment to deal with the threat or enhance, and build around that.


3. Fill in weapons & equipment to complement the main equipment / mechanic.


4. Pick perks to augment your main equipment.


5. Fill in the rest of the loadout slots with things you are comfortable with.



Pick Something, Then Build Around It

There are many customization available in CoD: MW, and it is easy to get lost in the maze of choices. Pick 1 mechanic or focus like stealth or Ant-Air and set it as the center of your loadout, then build around that.



Test Out Your Loadouts With Bots

Dont forget to take your new loadout for a ride using bots! You might find that your focus could be underachieving or you need more utility rather than a one-trick-pony.


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