Hotline Miami - Puzzle Solution - MGW

Hotline Miami – Puzzle Solution

Hotline Miami - Puzzle Solution

Part 1

Section one of the Prologue, right near the main entrance. Letter U.



Part 2

Chapter 1, second section. Right next to the stove up north. Letter T.



Part 3

Chapter 2, second floor. Bathroom in the SE corner. Letter A.



Part 4

Chapter 3, second floor. Dining room in SW corner. Letter O.



Part 5

Chapter 4, second floor. Inside the room that explodes. Letter A.



Part 6

Chapter 5, first floor. Next to the stove in the SE corner. Letter E.



Part 7

Chapter 6, second floor. Outside on the balcony next to the bush. Letter I.



Part 8

Chapter 7, first section. NW Bedroom. Letter N.



Part 9

Chapter 8, SE stairs, NE corner of the large dance floor. Letter R.



Part 10

Chapter 9, second floor. Northside right next to the lift. Letter S.



Part 11

Chapter 10, Second floor, eastern entry, SW box, next to a pool. Letter I.



Part 12

Chapter 11, second section. SW room next to a table. Letter N.



Part 13

Chapter 12, first section. Bathroom in the SE corner. Letter W.



Part 14

Chapter 13, first floor. Bathroom in the SW corner. Letter S.



Part 15

Chapter 14, third floor. Bathroom directly north of the stairs. Letter B.



Part 16

Chapter 15, western room right next to the main entrance. Letter H.






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