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Slayaway Camp Cheats

Slayaway Camp Cheats

Secret Killer Codes

Here is a guide that lists all of the secret killer codes and the names of the killers.


1) President Skullface Code: campgate2016


2) Mutant Candy Cane Code: freshmaker


3) Gelantinous Cube Code: gygax


4) Plague Doctor Code: badu


5) Mr. Tophat Jones Code: smiggles


6) Batprince Code: nananananananana


7) Feaster Bunny Code: beaster


8) Demi Lich Code: lichee


9) Invisblest Man Code: griffin


10) Mark Meer Code: gnollnumbertwo


11) Trojan Skullface Code: forhades


12) Skeleton Code: comewithme


13) That Code: theyfloat


14) Tapehead Code: slashback


15) Jennifer Code: adieutube


16) Demogorgon Code: awristrocket


17) Frankie Code: scooper


18) Spiritface Code: dont-hang-up


19) Groundhog Code: gotyoubabe


20) Wolfteen Code: butthead


21) Angry Molesting Tree Code: woodguardian


22) Mimic Code: cup-of-wishes


23) Square Witch Code: soafraid


24) Man Faced Monkey Code: mfm4eva


25) Cannibal Hactor Code: bowels-out


26) Exterminator Code: illreturn


27) Merman Code: blowholepower


28) Cube Head Code: postlakeview


29) Karrie Code: gonnalaughatu


30) Red Killer Fridge Code: coldblooded


31) Jiangshi Code: ghostlier


32) Evil Kung Fu Panda Code: ska-doosh


33) Hellcultists Code: ruralabernathy


34) Satchel Face Code: big-bear


35) Uncle Sam Code: shiningsee


36) Mutant Hillbilly Code: thefireworks


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