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Titan Chaser Cheats

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First Case: Wyvern

The Wyvern is on the most northern bridge, at Windland Plains region.


1: At Least You Tried – Shine your spotlight on the wyvern.

  • The Wyvern don’t really care about your spotlight, but if you still use on it then you will get this achievement.


1: HONK! – Scare a wyvern with your car horn

  • Storyline related I think. The Wyvern is on the bridge and you need to press the honk on your car to make it to fly up.


1: Wyvern Handler – Escort a wyvern to her home

  • Once the Wyvern flew up, then it will go to the next bridge. From there you need to attract it from one satellite to another. Turn on the satellites one by one with the switches. The switches are sometimes far away from each satellite, just follow the electricity cable/poles and you will find the switches there. After the last one the Wyvern move to the lighthouse and the first mission is done.



Second Case: Wandering Titans

2: SHOO SHOO – Deal with wandering titans

  • Much simpler mission than previous. Just go to each titan and use the spotlight on their eyes.



Third Case: Flying Whale

3: Found you! – Find where is Jasper during a third night

  • During this chapter, Jasper is not that the Hotel. He is located at the most northern phone. That is a fishing hut and jasper is on a small boat. Go to the jetty, as close to the boot as much it is possible and the achievement will unlock.


3: Free Willy – Escort the last whale

  • The Whale is located at Bright City. Lure it with your spotlight. Cant use spotlight and engine at the same time so drive a bit, lure whale, then repeat. The whale not going to wander back to the city, it stays at the point where you moved it with your spotlight. You need to make the whale move to the train. The train is at the phone location, closest to Shallow Lakes. (NE) Once the whale is there use the train (jump on the wooden box and you can use the train from there). The train will crash, so follow the railroad to see the crashed train, which unlocks the achievement and make this mission finished.



Halloween Case

Pumpkin Hunter – Collect all pumpkins and learn the story of Woodville Witch on Halloween Special


Next is about to south on a chair + table area, next to the road.


Next is at a more colorful tree, on the same side of the road.


Next is in a big building, head up to the hill on the same side of the road and you will see it.


Next is very visible in a liquid container.


Next 2 inside of a damaged dinner building.


One side of the dinner building is broken, keep heading to the direction that wall facing until you get to a satellite switch which is lightened by a generator fueled lamp.


Last on is to west from here, might not be visible but if you turn your camera some mountainous area shows up in the distance when you turning the camera, keep heading there.



Miscellaneous Achievements

I See You’re A Person Of Culture As Well – Turn on the music in your car

  • There is a tape on the seat next to the driving seat. Click on it then turn on the radio in your car.


JASPER! – Ask Jasper for help via the radio for the first time

  • Above the radio, there is a device inside in your car. If you click it once then a device will come out with a red and green button. I am not 100% sure which button unlocked this one, so try both. The SOS button respawns you and your car to the last phone you used.


Eco Activist – Turn off the water and switch off all the lights in your room

  • Just turn off the water and all 3 lightswitches in your hotel room.


Old Memories – Find Lucy’s memorial around Silent Peak

  • It is behind the lighthouse.


Home, sweet home – Visit your parents in Woodville

  • There are many-many houses in Woodville and you need to knock on the door of your parent’s house to get this achievement. As you enter Woodville you will see a church right at the first crossing.


Driving Test Passed – Destroy 50 road markers

  • Just drive through 50 road markers next to roads.




Night Call – Call Jasper from a phone booth for the first time

  • Just use a phone booth for the first time.


TOURIST – Call Jasper from all phones on a map


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