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Dwarrows Cheats

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Unlockable Buildings

Industry Buildings:

Workbench: Existing at the start


Workshop = Workbench + Workbench


Deluxe Workshop = Workshop + Workshop


Factory = Deluxe Workshop + Deluxe Workshop



Market Buildings:

Merchant Stall: Existing at start


Small Store = Merchant Stall + Merchant Stall


Large Store = Small Store + Small Store


Marketplace = Large Store + Large Store


Spice Merchant = Royalty artifact collection complete


Scroll Merchant = Reward for restoring Trobadour Collection



Farming Buildings:

Plot: Existing at start


Small Farm = Plot + Plot


Farm = Small Farm + Small Farm


Grocer = Small Farm + Small Store


Plantation = Farm + Farm



Housing Buildings:

Tent: Existing at start


House = Tent + Tent


Two-Story House = House + House


Manor = Two-Story House + Two-Story House


Inn = House + Small Store



Environment Buildings:

Dirt Path: Exist at start


Stone Path: Exist at start


Small Garden = Artist set artifact collection


Park = Small Garden + Small Garden



Entertainment Buildings:

Puppet Show Wagoon = Child collection artifact complete


Circus Tent = Tent + Puppet Show Wagon


Outdoor Stage = Puppet Show Wagon + Park


Coliseum = Factory + Outdoor Stage



Community Buildings:

Bathhouse: Existing at start


Community Fountain = Domestic Artifact set restoration reward.


Statue = Community Fountain + Workbench


Symposeum = Library + Park



Education Buildings:

Alchemy Shack = Explorer collection artifact complete


Library = Community Fountain + Alchemy Shack


Book Store = Library + Large Store


School-House = Library + House


College = Symposeum + SchoolHouse



Government Buildings:

Bank = Large Store+Warehouse


Mayor Office = Reward for restoring the Aristocrat Set


Courthouse = Mayor Office + Mayor Office



Military Buildings:

Kegnade Emporium = Engineer Artifact Collection Reward


Town Watch = Reward for Warrior Artifact Collection Reward


Sheriff Office = Courthouse + Town Watch



Misc Buildings:

Outhouse: Exist at start


Pet Center = Blueprint gained by NPC


Warehouse = Serf artifact Collection


Windmill = Small Farm + Merchant Stall


Pet Shelter = Warehouse+Pet Center


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