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Dwarrows – How to Earn Quartz

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Quartz is one of the most important items in the game. If you finish a puzzle area open the chest and make sure you pick up the dropped Quartz. These items were used to restore artifacts. These artifacts will provide very important buildings. There are more Quartz in the game than the required amount but you still can have problems if you forget to pick up many of them.



Methods to earn Quartz:

  • Puzzle ruin chest has 1 each, don’t forget to loot them up.


  • Chests at the end of major trials. The number of chests you gain is based on the collectibles you pick up during the Trial.


  • Treasure Chamber chests.


  • 1 Quartz for each race. There are 8 races in total.


  • Chests after some Quests.


  • Chest at extra puzzles.


  • Inside some wooden huts (1 each, 3 in the hut on top of the dragon plateau).


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