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Back 4 Blood – Healing Items Guide

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Healing Items

Healing is such an essential part of the game, there are several different ways to do it. These include bandages, first-aid rooms, and the use of air conditioners.  In Back 4 Blood, the most basic form of healing is to use the many healing items available. These things may be purchased for a modest amount of Copper from the shop. We’ve put up a quick rundown of how these approaches operate in Back 4 Blood:


The following is a quick rundown of these items:


Medkits: These are extremely expensive at 500 Copper, but they give a significant healing effect for both the player and other teammates.


Bandages cost 150 Copper each and provide a little healing effect.


Painkillers cost 100 Cooper and have a short-term healing effect that fades over time.


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