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Luck be a Landlord – Rare Items Guide

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Rare Items

Booster Pack:

Getting a guaranteed rare is very strong, but the other symbols are not to be overlooked. A strong choice that might give nothing or a whole bunch.



Bowling Ball:

Free money is always good. Not the strongest thing out there at rare, but a constant and steady value throughout the game is worth something.




You’d rather have an item that helps you make your rent, but this can help if you’re very close and can save a mediocre run. Definitely a good pickup, but doesn’t help if your run needs more than a little boost.



Cursed Katana:

You don’t need a lot of Ninjas to make this be worth it. Easy to get a lot of value out of. Great pickup.



Holy Water:

Being able to shut off Hexes can be a blessing for some runs. Great if you have any Hexes.



Instant Ramen:

More items are really good. Picking this will be a huge boon after a few spins. Just not immediately.



Lucky Carrot:

Rare chance can be one of the best predictors for a strong run. This is an easy take unless there are items with synergies that you want.



Lucky Dice:

Makes dice all extremely good. Getting a 5 or 3 from them every time makes them into very strong symbols.



Oil Can:

Respinning can do a lot if you have synergies, but can also do nothing if you just have a bunch of okay symbols. Never bad, but the extra clicks might not be worth it if you don’t have any synergies.




This makes all of your synergies better. Great pickup and will often be the best thing you can do during a run.




An extremely strong item if you have any arrows. Can give you a huge amount of gold.



Swapping Device:

Positioning is usually one of the stronger things to do. This tends to be better with certain strategies than others, but it’s very rare that you can’t get some good advantage out of this in any run.




The 4 value spirits sticking around are extremely strong and will often just win if you have a way to make them. Strong pickup.


Getting to add 8 symbols is very strong, although, by the time you see this, you might not see a lot of relevant ones.



Void Portal:

Destroying symbols is very common and this scales very well with that strategy. Gets stronger as the run goes longer. Usually a great pickup.



Zaroff’s Contract:

This could give your Bounty Hunters something to do if you picked one up for some reason. Can backfire, since most of the really strong things to do in the game involve humans.



Very Rare:

Highlander: This can be good or bad, depending on where you are in the run. If you want multiples it’s bad, otherwise, it can give you the symbols you want with more accuracy.




Can be extremely strong if you’re in a position to pay 10. Can be used multiple times in a row and respects rare chance, which means you will find more rares this way. Definitely great to find, but requires some thinking.




This might be the best item in the game. Adjacency is the strongest thing in the game and this one completely breaks that. It’s unlikely that there are better picks for you available.


Luck be a Landlord – Rare Symbols Guide


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