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Luck be a Landlord – Rare Symbols Guide

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Rare Symbols



As a 3-cost, often an auto-pick. Has nice synergies.




A very strong character that grows with Ore, Pebbles, and Pearls. Always a great pickup.




The bartender gives 3 so is already paying for himself. If you have a Dwarf or Happy Hour he’s usually good, otherwise, you might want a way to get rid of Beers.




Works well with a large number of different other symbols. Only worth 2 on its own and a lot of the other symbols are low-value, so can backfire. Can also mitigate a run where things haven’t been going extremely well.




It’s worth 3 and adds symbols that are worth 3. It also adds Bees, which only add 1 on their own, but is generally an auto-pickup.




Can give great bonuses on your food symbols, but not guaranteed to payout. As a 2-value symbol not an auto-pick, but will often be decent because of the number of good food items available.




More often found by hatching an Egg than by picking the symbol. Can be good when combined with certain items, but can ruin a good run if you don’t have a plan to get rid of the Eggs.




Gems are already very valuable and the Dame makes them even better. Diamonds are some of the strongest symbols in the game and the Dame makes them better too. Very strong pickup. Her drinking Martinis is a drawback, but not one that should stop you from picking her up.




A great symbol that eats Pearls and a few other symbols that you generally want to lose. Almost always a great pick.




As a 3-value symbol usually an auto-pickup. Has great synergies.




Since it gives only 2 on its own it’s not a great late-game symbol on its own. It doubles the value of a lot of symbols though, so it’s not hard to have it do a lot of work. Can push your deck from decent to good, but might also end up doing nothing in the later stages of the run if you’re not careful.



General Zaroff:

Can give you a bunch of temporary money and is great for getting rid of symbols that you don’t want anymore. Can also handicap you, since a lot of the best strategies in the game involve getting a human that eats symbols and scales higher and higher. Also only gives 1 on his own, so only pick up if you have multiple humans that you don’t want anymore and no humans that you really want to keep.



Golden Egg:

As a 3 value symbol, this is great. Also has food synergies with the Chef.




As a 3-cost this is usually an auto-pick. Don’t pick Bears to synergize with this, as Bears are bad.




This is the main reason that Suits are really strong, as the Joker can knock things out of the park for you. Only good if you’re going with a lot of suits, but the easiest symbol to completely break the game with.



King Midas:

Can be good if you have the Item that makes Coins better. Otherwise will just fill your deck up with Symbols that are worth 1. Usually bad, but can be good in the perfect circumstances.




Being worth 3 means it’s often an auto-pick. Synergies with Happy Hour. The fact that Dame drinks it is more often a downside than an upside.




Provides you with Ore and a Pick. Can be good if you’re not doing other synergies, but not a forced pickup in any case.




As a 3 value symbol, this is always good. Boosting Wolves is great, Owls and Rabbits can be a nice bonus if you’ve got them.



Mrs Fruit:

One of the stronger symbols in the game. At worst she eats your starting Cherry and continues to be worth 3, at best you can stuff her with all kinds of fruit and have her be worth a lot.




As a 3-cost, this is usually an auto-pick. Not a lot of synergies, but always decent.



Robin Hood:

Averages 3.25 each spin on its own. Very strong and can be buffed in multiple ways. Definitely a good pickup.




Solid 3 value symbol with some nice synergies.



Silver Arrow:

Can multiply your values by a lot. Points to 1.33 symbols on average and multiplying them by 3 will often be extremely strong later in the run.




As a 4-cost is an auto-pick. It destroying itself is a downside, but it’s almost always going to be better than what you already have going on.




Great 3-value fruit with fruit synergies.




Gives 3 by definition. Doubling the value of flowers can get out of control if you have multiple synergies. Great pickup, especially since you start with a flower already.




It’s worth 3 on its own and produces Spirits which are worth 4. One of the better pickups in the game.



Treasure Chest:

If you have a way to break this, it’s an always pick. If you don’t it’s often still correct to pick this up as a 2 value item that you can break later.




Can be extremely strong if you’re already on Hexes, Spirits, or Cats. Only gives 2 on her own, so needs to be paired with other things to be really strong. Can be busted if you have certain synergies like Undertaker.



Very Rare:

Card Shark:

Wildcards are some of the strongest things to do in the game. Turning them into Wildcards is often going to be a good choice. The Shark itself only gives 2, but you start with a Suit, so it’s not rare to want this.




You’re more likely to find this from Coal, but it can be found in symbol picks as well sometimes. Always pick this up when you can.



Golden Arrow:

Extremely strong Symbol




A symbol that gives 6 is very strong. This is almost always going to be the correct pickup.



Mega Chest:

Gives 3 upfront and a huge amount of gold when opened. Definitely a great pickup.




Gives 4 so is usually an auto-pickup.




Will usually be better than another thing you can pick up, except when another symbol gives you specific synergies.


Luck be a Landlord – Rare Items Guide


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