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MISTOVER Consumables Guide

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Food – Recovers Fullness.


Ensures that the Corps Crew does not starve and can continue exploring.


When Fullness is at more than 1, the Corps Crew recovers a little HP with every action taken.


When Fullness is at 0, however, the Corps Crew will start to lose HP.



Seed – Recovers Luminosity.

When Luminosity is high, the field of vision widens. More of the dungeon becomes visible with less movement.


The amount of Fullness and Luminosity required changes depending on the size of the dungeon.


Carrying at least 3 Seeds for small dungeons, 4 for medium-sized dungeons, and 5 for large dungeons is highly recommended.



Bandage – Cures Bleeding.

It may seem like Bleeding does not cause significant damage, but the value of Bandages will become clear over time.


Carrying at least 3 Bandages is encouraged, although needs may vary depending on dungeon size.



Purified Water – Cures all Mesmerize/Debuff states, except for Bleeding and Stun.


Mesmerize, and Debuff states cannot kill the Corps Crew. However, when they severely interrupt the flow or progression of a battle, Purified Water should be used without hesitation.


Carrying at least 1 Purified Water is recommended, although this may vary based on dungeon size.


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