Might and Magic X Legacy – Peninsula Incognita Answers Guide



Peninsula Incognita Answers

Q: Sorpigal-by-the-sea is located by the shores of a bay. What’s the name of the bay?

A: Tirya



Q: What is the name of the large river on which Karthal is located?

A: Navea



Q: There’s a lake in the very centre of the peninsula. What is it called?

A: Eye



Q: What name is given to the rocky coast on the western edge of the peninsula?

A: Menthil



Q: What is the name of the sea north of the peninsula?

A: Insus



Q: What was the ancient name of these lands, before they became know as the Agyn Peninsula?

A: Malyn



Q: What is the name of the small forest east of Karthal?

A: Shadow Woods



Q: There’s a place whose name means “Song of the wind” in the elven language. What is the place?

A: Wyslin


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