Might and Magic X Legacy – Barrels



There are three types of barrels present in the game. You cannot discern the contents of a barrel until you open it. One type of barrel contains some enemy to defeat such as a spider. The other two types of barrel contain a liquid that will permanently increase some attribute of the character member who opened the barrel. Those barrels that contain a “Pulsing” liquid grant a 1% resistance against a certain school of magic. Those barrels that contain a normal colored liquid will grant a +1 stat bonus. The bonuses are permanent and do not wear off, so choose wisely which party member will get the boost.



-= Pulsing Liquid Barrel =-

Color on liquid contents – School of Magic

Pulsing Red Liquid – +1% Resistance Fire

Pulsing Blue Liquid – +1% Resistance Water

Pulsing Purple Liquid – +1% Resistance Prime

Pulsing Yellow Liquid – +1% Resistance Light

Pulsing Green Liquid – +1% Resistance Earth

Pulsing Black Liquid – +1% Resistance Dark

Pulsing White Liquid – +1% Resistance Air



-= Normal Liquid Barrel =-

Color on liquid contents – Stat Boost

Dark Red Liquid – +1 Might

Dark Blue Liquid – +1 Magic

Purple Liquid – +1 Destiny (Luck)

White Liquid – +1 Perception


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