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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic – How to Turn your Sim in a Ghost

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How to Turn your Sim in a Ghost

Use these cheat codes to Turn your Sim in a Ghost;



traits.equip_trait trait_Ghost_Curses_NightStalker_Stalker – This will turn your Sim into a Night Stalker Ghost



traits.equip_trait trait_Ghost_WitchOverload – Death By Spellcaster Overload


Overload Ghosts are valid targets for Magical interactions including duels, training, and more.



traits.equip_trait trait_Ghost_Cauldron_Potion_Immortality_Failure – Ghastly Consequences


The pursuit of immortality is full of failures and accidents. Luckily, it looks like this will pass in a while. Try to enjoy your phantasmal existence while you can.


Warning: This trait does not auto-remove even when the description does say so!



traits.equip_trait trait_Magic_Marketstall_SpectralLook – Your Sim will take on a spectral look


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