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Ghost Watchers – How to Determine Ghost Type

Ghost Watchers - How to Determine Ghost Type

How to Identify the Ghost

The following items and devices can be used to identify and learn what type of ghost you are facing. Once you’ve made your choice and are certain of the kind of ghost, your next step is to weaken it.


To do this, carry a cross, a statue of Jesus or some incense so if you are attacked by a ghost, it cannot kill you. You should also try to throw salt and bombs at them to weaken the ghosts when you see them. Eventually, the ghost should be weak enough for you to catch him with the ghost ball.


Thermometer: The thermometer is most reliable when used immediately after being dragged. If the person being dragged has a thermometer, it will display the correct temperature immediately after being dropped. The child is the only entity whose temperature never changes.


The majority of room temperatures will range from 20 to 28C, and the outside temperature will be around 14C, so you must keep an eye on the thermometer because it may read as low as -20 to -10, -5 to +5, +10 to +30 or +45 to +55C when the ghost is near you.


EMF: Walk around and wait for it to show signs of activity; it’s best used in a room where the ghost has been recently spotted or dragged to.


Ouija Board: Depending on the type of ghost, it will either move or not move at all. It’s usually set up in the entryway and will eventually move.


Particle Sensor: Will eventually charge while held in hand. If it turns off, keep wandering around until you find a location where it can be charged again.


Radio: Will work in hand or on the ground at times. The ghost does not speak, but it may cry or groan unexpectedly.


UV Light: Pointing a UV light at the ground yields no indication of where the evidence can be found. Walking around with the UV usually does the trick. Sometimes the UV won’t find anything at all, which is evidence in and of itself (big footprints = baby).


Voodoo Doll: Usually, you can fling it next to the oujia board and gaze at it. It will eventually move, or you can predict that it won’t.


Ghost Watchers – How to Catch a Ghost


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