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Ghost Watchers – How to Catch a Ghost

Ghost Watchers - How to Catch a Ghost

To catch a ghost in Ghost Watchers, you must first finish all of the weakening list tasks in the proper order. You do not have to start over if you completed three studies correctly but made a mistake on the fourth.


Each successful action to weaken the ghost will accompany a gong sound and a hint (at an “normal” difficulty level). When playing on “hard” and “insane” difficulty levels, you won’t see any notifications; you only will hear a distinct sound. If you perform the actions in the correct order but do not see the effects, you’ve most likely made a mistake with the ghost’s properties. Check it once more!


Some side quests will reward you with coins. Coins can be spent immediately to purchase tools. Tools purchased are not carried over to the next session.


Don’t forget to start playing on normal difficulty if you’re a beginner. Since many items only have one charge on insane difficulty, it might be challenging for you to pick up the game’s mechanics quickly. Play as many games in normal mode as you can to learn the basic mechanics. Also, remember that you will remain in the game as a spirit after death. Doors, switches, valves, and candles can all be interacted with. You can use this to scare your friends or to interact with live players!


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