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WoW Classic – What are important healing Priest mechanics?

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What are important healing Priest mechanics?

1. Downranking. Coefficients are ridiculous in vanilla since they don’t scale with your level. In other words, low ranks of your spells will do very big healing compared to their mana costs once you stack enough +heal.


2. Dispelling. As a Priest, you can dispel magic and diseases. At times this will be your main duty. Dispelling enemies is super important in PvP, especially on Alliance.


3. Buffing. Bring candles and be prepared to rebuff people constantly. Buffs are pretty expensive, so you need to plan them ahead.


4. Shielding. Absorption is a unique mechanic. It virtually expands the target’s HP above the cap, but prevents rage generation from attacks. Furthermore, it’s very mana-intensive.


5. Specific gear bonuses. Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon is ideally tailored for Priests, but special tactics may be needed to maximize its potential. T2 8/8 bonus is extremely powerful, but you’ll have to learn how to manage your heals so that it’s used to its full power.


6. Benediction quest. It’s particularly original in design and in entire WoW, only Hunters’ Lok’delar quests show some similarty. Many guides focus extensively on how to handle this relatively difficult challenge – and how not to piss off people waiting in the queue since failure means 2 hour waiting period.


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