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Dwarrows – How to Develop New Buildings?

Dwarrows - How to Develop New Buildings?

-Few buildings are received as a reward for restoring artifact collections or for quests.


-Many needed to be developed by combining existing buildings. How?


Select the top left or right circle, then select one building. Now select the other top circle and select the same or other buildings. If it is an existing combination then at the bottom circle a building will show up with a confetti animation if you not developed the building yet.


Many buildings need to be developed by combining existing buildings.



How to Develop New Buildings?

Industry Buildings:

Workbench: Existing at the start

Workshop = Workbench + Workbench

Deluxe Workshop = Workshop + Workshop

Factory = Deluxe Workshop + Deluxe Workshop



Market Buildings:

Merchant Stall: Existing at start

Small Store = Merchant Stall + Merchant Stall

Large Store = Small Store + Small Store

Marketplace = Large Store + Large Store

Spice Merchant = Royalty artifact collection complete

Scroll Merchant = Reward for restoring Trobadour Collection



Farming Buildings:

Plot: Existing at start

Small Farm = Plot + Plot

Farm = Small Farm + Small Farm

Grocer = Small Farm + Small Store

Plantation = Farm + Farm



Housing Buildings:

Tent: Existing at start

House = Tent + Tent

Two-Story House = House + House

Manor = Two-Story House + Two-Story House

Inn = House + Small Store



Environment Buildings:

Dirt Path: Exist at start

Stone Path: Exist at start

Small Garden = Artist set artifact collection

Park = Small Garden + Small Garden



Entertainment Buildings:

Puppet Show Wagoon = Child collection artifact complete

Circus Tent = Tent + Puppet Show Wagon

Outdoor Stage = Puppet Show Wagon + Park

Coliseum = Factory + Outdoor Stage



Community Buildings:

Bathhouse: Existing at start

Community Fountain = Domestic Artifact set restoration reward.

Statue = Community Fountain + Workbench

Symposeum = Library + Park



Education Buildings:

Alchemy Shack = Explorer collection artifact complete

Library = Community Fountain + Alchemy Shack

Book Store = Library + Large Store

School-House = Library + House

College = Symposeum + SchoolHouse



Government Buildings:

Bank = Large Store+Warehouse

Mayor Office = Reward for restoring the Aristocrat Set

Courthouse = Mayor Office + Mayor Office



Military Buildings:

Kegnade Emporium = Engineer Artifact Collection Reward

Town Watch = Reward for Warrior Artifact Collection Reward

Sheriff Office = Courthouse + Town Watch



Misc Buildings:

Outhouse: Exist at start

Pet Center = Blueprint gained by NPC

Warehouse = Serf artifact Collection

Windmill = Small Farm + Merchant Stall

Pet Shelter = Warehouse+Pet Center


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