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Stronghold Crusader HD PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

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PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings

In this guide, you will be able to find the complete list of controls and shortcuts for Stronghold Crusader HD.



All PC Settings




General Controls

  • P = Pause


  • CTRL + 0 to 9 = Assign unit group


  • Shift + Left click = Multiple Waypoints


  • CTRL & ALT + 0 to 9 = Bookmark Locations. (Pressing CTRL and ALT & the appropriate number to create a bookmark of the current location on the map. Press ALT & the appropriate number to go to this location.)


  • Ctrl + Center on building key = Display’s the building panel at any time.


  • Shift + Center on building key = returns to one the building and then return to the previous location by pressing one of the keys assigned to a building, such as: A (Armory), B (Barracks) M (Market), N (Mercenary Post), G (Granary), I (Engineer guild), T (Tunneler guild), you can then press SHIFT and the key previously pressed, to return to the previous location.


  • 1 To 7 … = (While in the Barracks or Mercenary post) = You can create assembly points for each troop type in the barracks panel & mercenary post. Open the (B) Barracks then press 1 & 7 & you will be able to place a flag. The troops you create from building will walk to the flag. You can set assembly points for other building types such as engineer’s guild, tunnelers guild & cathedral.


  • Arrow Keys = Scroll around the map


  • TAB = Castle Management Panel


  • Space = Flatten the landscape


  • Z = Zoom


  • X / C = Rotate the screen counterclockwise/clockwise


  • + / – (On the number pad) = Increase / decrease game speed


  • ALT + Q = Screenshot


  • Shift +ALT + Q = Multiple Screenshots


  • V = Pull down landscape


  • S = Cycle through signposts


  • H (or mouse wheel up) = Center view on the keep


  • G = Center on the granary




  • Enter = Chat


  • F1 to F12 = Taunt


Stronghold Crusader HD PC Controls & Key Bindings


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