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Volcanoids PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

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Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

These are the default key bindings for the game Volcanoids. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily refer to it!


Move Forward – W

Move Back – S

Move Left – A

Move Right – D

Jump – Space

Sprint – Left Shift

Activate, interact – E

Activate, interact, use equipped item – LMB

Open map – M

Send your drillship underground from anywhere, or recall – G (Hold)

Open inventory – TAB

Pause – ESC

Equip Wrench – 1

Equip Pickaxe – 2

Equip Shotgun, Revolver, Hand mortar, and Gatling gun – 3

Equip Medkit – 4

Equip Grenade, Explosive and Detonator – 5

Equip Hacking tool – 6

When Weapon is equipped, reload – R

When Wrench is equipped, rotate – Q

When Wrench is equipped, change object – Mouse Scroll


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