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IXION – Sectors & Buildings

IXION - Sectors & Buildings


Even though you only have one sector available at the beginning, the Tiqqun station is divided into six different sectors. Sectors contain the constructible areas of the station. Each sector is independent and separated by a Gateway. Sectors can be accessed by panning the camera left or right, or by directly clicking on the minimap located in the bottom left corner. Each sector has a constructible area of 1680 tiles (56 by 30 tiles).



IXION - Sectors & Buildings

The resource bar at the top of the screen shows resource amounts on the Tiqqun. The top numbers are total resources in all Sectors and the bottom numbers are the current Sector’s resources. There is a button to the left of the bar that toggles Stockpile resource display.


Each sector has a dedicated panel displaying information unique to that sector:


– Available water


– Power consumption


– Population


– Work condition status


– Batteries – Stability


New sectors can be unlocked by spending increasing amounts of resources to gain entry.




Buildings are the core elements of the station and help you fulfill the crew’s needs. They also transform, store and transport the resources required for maintaining the Tiqqun station. Buildings have to be constructed. Available buildings can be accessed from the construction menu button or by pressing C.


When your building has been placed, the construction process begins. Stockpiles will send resource transporters to deliver the correct amount of alloy and electronics to the construction site. Then, any active Workshop will send a Mech to assemble the building. The bigger the building, the longer it will take to assemble. Each Workshop can only construct one building at a time.



Resource Cost

Constructing a building requires resources. All buildings cost a varying amount of alloy and some can also cost electronics.



Power Consumption

Buildings require a certain amount of power to be active. You can activate and deactivate buildings to alter the current level of power consumption. The amount of power available within the Tiqqun Station can be increased.




Activating a building increases the required number of workers within a sector. Having enough workers to operate all active buildings is essential to maintain station safety. You can activate and deactivate buildings to alter how many workers are needed.


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