Disciples: Liberation - The Ultimate Guide to Buildings - MGW

Disciples: Liberation – The Ultimate Guide to Buildings

Disciples: Liberation - The Ultimate Guide to Buildings

Here is a comprehensive guide to Buildings in Disciples: Liberation.


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Faction Name T1 Bonus T2 Bonus T3 Bonus T4 Bonus
Empire Temple Unlock Soldiers Unlock Priestesses & Paladins Morale +1
Unlock Holy Avengers
Morale +2
Unlock White Dragons
Empire Mage Guild Unlock Warpriestesses Unlock Witch Hunters Divine Resistance +10%
Unlock Inquisitors & Imperial Assassins
Divine Damage +10%
Unlock Titans
Empire Barracks Unlock Arcanists Unlock Elementalists HP +100
Unlock White Wizards
HP +250
Unlock Archmages
Elven Alliance Stone Ring Unlock Shadowcasters Unlock Arctic Dryads Primal Resistance +10%
Unlock Winter Witches
Primal Damage +10%
Unlock Ice Giants
Elven Alliance Mana Tree Unlock Feral Elf Warriors Unlock Black Guards & Feral Elf Snipers Flank Damage +10%
Unlock Feral Elf Assassins
Flank Damage +20%
Unlock Black Dragons
Elven Alliance Temple of Seasons Unlock Scouts Unlock Wereleopards Critical Chance +5%
Unlock Wardens & Druids
Critical Chance +10%
Unlock Sundancers
Undead Horde Graveyard Unlock Zombies Unlock Skeleton Warriors Power +10 per Corpse
Unlock Bone Golems & Death Knights
Power +20 per Corpse
Unlock Dracoliches
Undead Horde Tower of Darkness Unlock Initiates Unlock Warlocks Unholy Resistance +10%
Unlock Necromancers
Unholy Damage +10%
Unlock Liches
Undead Horde Dark Mansion Unlock Specters Unlock Banshee & Werewolves AP Healing +5% HP
Unlock Shades
AP Healing +10% HP
Unlock Vampires
Legion of the Damned Heart of the Abyss Unlock Possessed Unlock Bersekers Physical Resistance +10%
Unlock Erinyes & Infernal Knights
Physical Damage +10%
Unlock Overlords
Legion of the Damned Hall of Sins Unlock Cultists Unlock Sorceresses & Succubi Initiative +10
Unlock Modeuses
Initiative +20
Unlock Avengers
Legion of the Damned Desecrated Church Unlock Lesser Devils Unlock Infernal Golems Critical Damage +25%
Unlock Abyssal Devils
Critical Damage +50%
Unlock Magma Dragons
Neutral Castle Leadership +25
Research Tier I Spells
Build Tier I Buildings
Leadership +50
Research Tier II Spells
Build Tier II Buildings
Leadership +75
Research Tier III Spells
Build Tier III Buildings
Leadership +100
Research Tier IV Spells
Build Tier IV Buildings
Neutral Marketplace Buy Iron, Wood
Buy Common Equipment
Hire Tier I Mercenaries
10% Discount on Tier I Material
Buy Arcane Flux
Buy Rara Equipment
Hire Tier II Mercenaries
15% Discount on Tier I, II Material
Buy Essences
Buy Epic Equipment
Hire Tier III Mercenaries
20% Discount on All Materials

Hire Tier IV Mercenaries

Neutral Blacksmith Upgrade Equipment to II 10% Discount to Common
Upgrade Equipment to III
15% Discount to Common/Rare
Upgrade Equipment to IV
20% Discount to non-Legendary
Upgrade Equipment to V


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