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Disciples: Liberation – Buffs, Debuffs & Status Effects

Disciples: Liberation - Buffs, Debuffs & Status Effects

All buffs, debuffs, and status effects in Disciples: Liberation are listed in this guide.



Buffs, Debuffs & Status Effects

Name Effect
Afraid Morale -2
Agile Movement +1
Bleeding Physical Damage, Removed when healed 20% Max HP
Blessed Healing Received +50%
Blinded Chance to hit -25%
Burning Primal Damage, Negate Regen, Removes Chilled
Chilled Movement -1, Initiative -15%
Confused Initiative -15%, Chance to hit -15%
Cursed Healing Received -50%
Demoralized Morale -1
Divine Might Divine Damage +25%
Divine Protection Divine Resistance +15%
Evasive Dodge +10%
Immobilized Movement to 0
Improved Critical Critical Chance +15%
Incorporeal Dodge +30% vs. Physical Damage
Inspired Morale +2
Leech Lifesteal 25%
Motivated Morale +1
Paralyzed Skip next turn
Physical Might Physical Damage +25%
Physical Protection Physical resistance +15%
Poisoned Unholy Damage, Damage -15%
Primal Might Primal Damage +25%
Primal Protection Primal Resistance +15%
Protected Reduce next damage by 50%
Quick Initiative +15%
Regen Heal 15% HP at the start of turn
Resilient All Resistance +10%
Silenced Cannot use Skill, Ultimate, or Spells
Slowed Movement -1
Stealth Cannot be targeted, removed when attack or attacked.
Strong Power +15%
Taunted Unit loses control and attack taunter.
Thorn Reflect 50% damage to Adjacent Attacker
Unholy Might Unholy Damage +25%
Unholy Protection Unholy Resistance +15%
Weakened Power -15%, All Resistance -15%
*No Corpse On death does not go to the graveyard (Cannot be resurrected)


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