Glitchangels – Glitch Abilities


Glitch Abilities

Primary Glitch

This generally has 3 uses before it enters a cool-down state and needs to recharge. Once recharged you are free to activate again – 3 uses like before. Rinse and repeat.


Secondary Glitch

This ability is depleted when used and will not automatically recharge – it can however be replenished by collecting the green skulls dropped by defeated enemies.


Angels have different combinations of these glitches. The two starting characters have the following powers



  • Dodge – used to move quickly through the level. The player is immune to damage when dodging.


  • Rage – rapid-fire carnage – maximizes your weapon’s fire rate.



  • Shockwave – damages nearby enemies, items (crates, monitors) and destroys bullets.


  • Shield – the player is immune to all damage while shielded and can reflect enemy bullets back at them.


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