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RimWorld – Royalty Cheats


1-) Run Rimworld;


2-) Press the “Options” button in the main menu;


3-) Under Gameplay, the middle column, tick “Development mode”.



Now that Development mode is activated, create a new world and colony and test your mod:


1-) Create world;


2-) Create a colony, probably on Free Build difficulty;


3-) The following icons: image can now be found in the top-right;



1-/ image Open the debug log = Clicking this opens the debug log;


2-/ imageOpen the package editor = Opens the package editor, which allows you to preview and modify Sounds and Hair;


3-/ imageOpen the view settings = Allows you to activate graphic overlays and cheats like Fast Research;


4-/ imageOpen debug actions menu = This menu allows you to do all sorts of things;


Incidents allows you to spawn in raids or execute incidents;


Actions – Misc contains a few buttons that complete research, continue the in-game tutorial, etcetera;


Tools – General contains explosions and damaging things, snow actions, plant growth and some more advanced AI visualizations;


Tools – Pawns holds tools which alter Pawn appearance, levels, health and jobs;


Tools – Spawning allows you to spawn Pawns, Items in different stack sizes, Terrain and Filth;


Autotests contains some stress tests like spawning in an entire colony in different stages, burning everything and killing lots of pawns at once.


5-/ imageOpen debug logging menu = Contains buttons which log parts of the game in the Debug Log;


6-/ imageOpen the inspector = Gives a lot more information when hovering over things;


7-/ imageToggle god mode = Toggles God mode, which allows you to build things without cost;


8-/ imagePause the game when an error is logged = Toggles exactly what it says.


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