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Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition – Digivolution (Evolution)

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Digivolution (Evolution)

Evolution (Digivolution)

    Digimon evolves with varying conditions. Methods generally being either age, collecting data, winning battles, or drawing the energy of a human. Digimon has six natural stages of evolution, as well as others obtained through artificial help. Due to the influence of the Dark Area, the evolutionary trees of any Digimon have been altered, enabling them to evolve into many different forms.




  • In addition to referring to the natural Digimon process, Evolution can refer to the temporary “artificial” process by which a Child (Rookie) Level Digimon evolves to the Adult (Champion) Level partnered with a human Trainer.



Super Evolution

    There are two different methods of this type of evolution:
    • An evolution from an Adult (Champion) Level Digimon to the Perfect (Ultimate) Level using a Tag and Crest.


    • An evolution of a Digimon of Indeterminate Level to a stronger “future” form using an Xros Loader.



Perfect Evolution

  • Used by a Child (Rookie) or Adulto (Champion) Level Digimon to reach their Perfect (Ultimate) Forms.



Ultimate Evolution (Mega Digivolution)

  • The process of evolution from the Perfect (Ultimate) or a Jogressed Perfect State (Ultimate DNA Digivolution) the Ultimate (Mega) Level.



Warp Evolution

  • Is the process of rapid evolution Skipping at least One Level, this is most commonly seen as evolving a Child (Rookie) straight to the Ultimate (Mega) Level, but can also evolve a Child (Rookie) to Perfect (Ultimate).



Jogress Evolution

Also spelled Jogres Evolution and DNA Digivolution, fuses two or more Digimon of any level to evolve into a single merged Digimon, usually of a Higher Level.



Warp DNA Digivolution

      • Two Digimon DNA digivolve together (Jogress) and Warp Digivolve together at the same time to reach a Digimon of a Higher Level.



      • Two or more Digimon Jogress into a single Digimon of the Same Level.



      • Is the process of Splitting a Jogressed Digimon back into its individual component Digimon.



Dark Evolution

  • Is a Variation of which is usually triggered by the Negative Emotions of a Tamer being so great that they have a negative effect on their partner Digimon, initiating evolution to a “Darker”, generally uncontrollable Digimon. This type of evolution can also happen because of the Infection”




  • Is a process similar to evolution, which occurs on Infected Digimon, which may cause the Digimon to Develop a new Mutant Form and/or progress to the next evolution stage. The Digimon are generally uncontrollable.


There are also two artificial stages of evolution, which can be accessed through the use of a Digimental (Digi-eggs) or a Legendary Spirit to get to Armor Level and Hybrid Level, respectively.



Armor Evolution

  • Evolves a Digimon to the Armor Level by using a Digimental (Digi-Egg)



Spirit Evolution

Is the process of evolution from any level (or from a human) into a Human or Beast Hybrid Digimon using a Single Legendary Spirit.

Slide Evolution (Hybrid)

        • Is the transitional process in which a Hybrid Digimon Activates another Legendary Spirit and evolves directly into another Hybrid Digimon without reverting to their base form, this has been only seen to have been done between the Human and Beast spirits of the same element.



Double Spirit Evolution

        • Is the process of Evolution from any level or a human to a Fusion Form Hybrid Digimon using any two Legendary Spirits (Human Spirit and Beast Spirit) of the same Element.



Hyper Spirit Evolution (Unified Spirit)

        • Is evolution from any level or a human into a Transcendent Form Hybrid using Ten Legendary Spirits in certain combinations.



Ancient Spirit Evolution

        • Process of evolution from any level or from a human into Susanoomon, using all twenty Legendary Spirits. The process can entail multiple base individuals involving, with as few as two and as many as five seen.



Slide Evolution (Other)

  • Is the transitional process in which a Digimon with access to multiple forms, either of the same or of different levels, switches into one of their other forms.



Mode Change

  • The process by which a Digimon shifts into another mode of the same Species.



Matrix Evolution

  • There are two methods of this type of evolution.



Matrix Evolution (Perfect)

      • A Digimon Evolves from the Child (Rookie) or Adult (Champion) Level to Perfect (Ultimate) using a Blue Card.



Matrix Evolution (Ultimate) (Biomerge)

      • An evolution to the Ultimate (Mega) Level achieved by fusing a Tamer with its Digimon Partner.



Hyper Bio Evolution

Also called Bio-Hybrid digivolution, there are two methods of this type of evolution.



Hyper Bio Evolution

      • A human with Digimon data Infused into their DNA evolves into their respective Digimon of the Armor Level.



Hyper Bio Extra Evolution

      • A human with Digimon data Infused into their DNA evolves into their respective Digimon of the Ultimate (Mega) Level.



Blast Evolution

  • Is a temporary Evolution induced for a short time, usually induced by a Tamer. Ultimates (Megas) who Blast Evolve, Transform into Stronger Ultimates (Megas)



Burst Evolution

  • Is a form of evolution similar to Blast Evolution and Mode Changing. An Ultimate (Mega) Level Digimon is energized by a massive quantity of Digisoul to evolve into a more powerful variant of themselves, usually surrounded by an Aura of energy. While in this form, the Digimon may burn up all of their energy and revert back to a Digitama.




  • A Digimon evolves into their X-Antibody variant when modified by the X-Antibody. It’s also the name of the evolution of any Digimon already modified by the X-Antibody.




    • Special Evolution process discovered when experimenting with the Prototype Digimon “DORU Series” using the Death-X relic. it allows Digimon to increase their level while dying, forcing the X-Antibody to evolve the body in order to stay alive by consuming other DigiCore.




  • Process related to evolution in which Multiple Digimon are merged into a single conglomerate entity, usually under the control of one of the component Digimon, achieved by the use of an Xros Loader or a Darkness Loader held by its chooser Heneral. It is Similar to Jogress Evolution which component Digimon, in DigiXros the component Digimon are referred to as “DigiXros Units”, but it also involves attributes of Mode Changing, allowing the Units to rearrange their data and became body parts or weapons for the new form.


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