Savage Lands Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide


  • You can dual-wield which speeds up time when farming and fighting. Just hold LMB and RMB to attack without stopping.


  • From my experience and playstyle, dual-wielding is better than carrying a shield. A shield isn’t really worth it as the animation between blocking and attacking is slow and clunky. I recommend having a mix-n-match of swords, maces, hammers, hatchets outs. This can make farming and fighting easier.


  • Press shift on an item then click it to split the stack. This way you can take what you need or be able to have a few smaller stacks instead of 1 big stack.


  • Left-clicking on items in your inventory bag will place it inside the chest which is faster and easier than dragging and holding. When dragging and holding make sure it’s in the white box otherwise it will drop onto the ground.


  • Click on items in the chest to move them over to your inventory without holding and dragging.


  • When fighting, just hold down LMB and RMB while pressing A or D on the keyboard. Making a circular motion around the enemies allows you to attack continuously while having the chance to dodge attacks from enemies.


  • Stand on rocks and nodes or entering buildings even if they’re not completely built. Enemies don’t climb or enter buildings. Unlikely, but just be careful with long-ranged attacks such as trolls, giants, and grinfels as they still may be able to hit you.


  • If you’re being chased by a strong enemy, just quit to the main menu, and load back in. This basically resets the area and you should no longer be under attack.


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