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War Mongrels: Tips, Tricks, and Where to Start

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In War Mongrels, you play real-time tactics. In this game, you will be playing the role of Manford. You will play as a German soldier who refused to kill civilians. He is sent to a Penal Squad as punishment. The transporter which carries him is attacked by artillery. Manford escapes from the army with a deserter, hoping to get away from the war.



War Mongrels Beginner Guide

War Mongrels is set during World War II on the Eastern Front. This makes it unique as few games feature a German deserter. Both the main characters are deserters as well. Players can empathize with both characters more easily.


When confronted with the Nazis, Manford does not hesitate to help a guerilla group. Deserters are not treated well by Nazi armies, as they are by most other militaries. Moreover, civilians receive worse treatment, particularly when innocuous civilians are slaughtered. The game is a great eye-opener about life as a soldier in the Nazi army.


With this game, you are not building units and bases like most real-time strategy games. Resources and personnel are limited. It’s up to you whether you want to be loud or sneaky. In most cases, you will be killed if you choose the loud route unless you have difficulty on easy. Even so, if you’ve killed most of your enemies, a gunfight with the remaining opponents shouldn’t be a problem.



War Mongrels Tips & tricks

The War Mongrels map will be full of Nazis; few will be patrolling, few will be stationary. You have to avoid or kill everything and anything that stands in your way in order to reach your goal. The following guide will provide some tips and tricks to win at War Mongrels:



Trick the Enemy Vision

  • There are two parts to the enemy’s vision cone: the solid-colored part that provides maximum visibility and the striped one that cannot detect low-lying objects. There is also a variation in the awareness ranges depending on the environment or movement.


  • The striped area is extremely important because there, you can crawl safely and leaves corpses. If your character doesn’t get noticed by enemies when crawling around, then they will not detect the corpses either because it takes the same space, which makes sense logically.


  • There is a tool as well that allows you to mark a spot, and it will display whenever an enemy looks at that spot. It is necessary to use this tool to scout the area and plan how to eliminate sentries. If your enemy isn’t looking, you can take advantage of it and stab him with a knife. Their comrade will be an undetectable corpse by the time their vision cone reaches them!



Tricks for Hiding the Corpses and Travelling Quickly

  • You do not always have the comfort of enemies searching the area with minimum cones of awareness. Because of this, War Mongrels has plenty of places to hide corpses. There are no barrels but lots of houses, closets, bushes, trucks, and sewer hatches.


  • Similarly, your characters can travel quickly and almost instantly between connected sewer entrances and from house door to house door. There are some real houses in the game, while other ones serve as hubs connecting two doors.


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