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Starmancer Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

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Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

Starmancer guide is filled with essential tips and tricks to help you to master the game.


  • Decorations, entertainment objects, and furniture can keep colonists happy – make sure to provide the spaces to relax.


  • The organization is important! Construct shelves and storage containers to organize your resources – you won’t have room in your station to keep everything on the floor! You can inspect shelves to set what type of items they’ll store.


  • Pay attention to environmental conditions – some machines generate lots of heat and noise and disturb nearby colonists. Don’t be afraid to move machines to separate rooms.


  • Under ‘Job tasks’ in the colonist inspection window, you can adjust the priority of jobs your colonist will do and set them not to perform specific tasks they may not like.


  • In case of fire – vent atmosphere! The easiest way to put out a fire is to remove a wall and suck out oxygen – make sure your colonists are clear before you decompress!


  • Remember to slow down if you need to! It’s okay to pause often to assess and plan – there’s no penalty for stopping the simulation from organizing yourself.


  • If a colonist dies – don’t worry! You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs!! You can regrow them a body in the Incubation tank at no cost; only their skills and ego level will be reset.


  • Asteroid Ice can be purified into clean water for crops. Build a sink to deposit clean water into, a tank to store it, and pipes to connect things that need it. Biowaste and fuel can use the same pipes as well to distribute to connected objects from tanks.


  • Using airlocks between rooms can provide a seal from heat and temperature between them.


  • If you see alerts that some areas of your stations are too hot or too cold, there are ways to manage extreme temperatures, such as building a Thermal Regulator, adding vents to hot rooms, and airlocks to vent into space, or even putting ice in warmer rooms.


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