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World War 3 – The Ultimate Guide: 6 Tips for New Players!

World War 3 - The Ultimate Guide: 6 Tips for New Players!

The sound of explosions ring in the distance, gunshots can be heard all around, and highly trained soldiers prepare to defend their homeland from invaders. This isn’t Russia’s war on Ukraine, this is World War 3, a free-to-play online FPS that has had a resurgence in popularity over the past few months,


If you missed the game on its original launch in 2018, you’re going to be a little behind players who have put more than four years into the game, which means you’re at a disadvantage. But, there’s no need to worry, because we’re coming at you with the World War 3 – Ultimate Guide! Join us and use these tips to become a powerful war machine in no time, and conquer the leaderboards.



Power and Versatility

For many players, the anti-tank loadout will be their go-to. It comes with a rocket launcher, an SMG, and high-grade armor, giving it plenty of stopping power but also versatility for close engagements. However, if you like to keep your enemies at a distance, the SMG just isn’t going to cut it. It has too much bullet drop over even medium distance.


To remedy this, you can switch out your SMG for an assault rifle, and take lighter armor to offset the loadout weight. This will make you basically unstoppable at any distance, and you’ll still have your trust rocket launcher on your back.



Terror Tanks

If you decide not to roll out with the anti-tank loadout and find yourself faced with an armored vehicle, you aren’t completely helpless. Sure, it will likely be able to drop you in a second and your puny little rifle won’t do much (to most) of the vehicle. But if you know where to shoot, you can disable the vehicle and get some extra points in the process.


If you aim and shoot at the cameras on any of these vehicles, you will get RCWS (Remote Control Weapons Station) points added to your score, and you will disable the vehicle’s targeting system. This will result in them needing to fall back for repairs, giving you some breathing room and time to escape.



Air Strikes on Tanks

Continuing on from our last tip, it is important to know where to aim an air strike on tanks and other armored vehicles. Your first instinct will be to center your strike on top of the vehicle, but this might not be the best idea.


World War 3 - The Ultimate Guide: 6 Tips for New Players!


Doing this will result in the RCWS being destroyed, but less damage being done to the vehicle itself. To get around this, aim the air strike to land close to the vehicle on any side, so the splash damage affects the vehicle and not the RCWS.



Taking Down Drones

Hitting a drone with the rocket launcher does a high amount of damage (roughly 50%), but it takes a long time to reload, and it can be difficult to land that hit in the first place. So you don’t waste rockets, it is possible to drop a drone just by using your assault rifle.


It’s easier to hit, and a full clip will do about 20% damage to its health. If you have a squad of 5, you could easily take down a drone in one pass, so save your rockets for when you really need them!



Use the Repair Tool

Every player regardless of loadout will have access to a repair tool. This can be used to repair any vehicles or equipment that has been damaged to the point of being disabled, so it is a great help in most situations.


If you find a disabled tank and aren’t under fire, you could repair the tank until it is operable, hop in, and score some easy points with quick kills. The more players repairing a vehicle, the faster the repair happens, so keep that in mind as well if you roll with a squad. Also, your repair tool will actually damage enemy vehicles!



Get Jammin’

As soon as you have access to the jammer, use it! It has a ton of benefits for the team that activates it, including preventing enemies from spawning on each other, disabling air strikes, stopping drones from being scrambled, eliminating enemy UAVs, and diffusing explosives like claymores.


As you can see, the jammer is amazing… for the team who activates it. If you’re on the opposing end of a jammer, you’re going to have a hard time fighting your way back to the top.


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